Celine Dion Describes Her Last Moments With Her Late Husband

In an exclusive interview with ABC's Deborah Roberts, Celine Dion discusses her final moments with her late husband, Rene Angelil.
4:25 | 05/18/16

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Transcript for Celine Dion Describes Her Last Moments With Her Late Husband
Time now for the skinny and topping our headlines this morning and ABC news exclusive. Celine Dion has opened up about two are on Deborah Roberts in her first TV interview since the death of her husband in January. About the final moments that she shared with him. I started to talk to him and I said you know one. I want she teaching us. We're going peace. I want cheap to not Torre. You aware reading from my career. You're worrying for the Chilean. You're worrying for everything. It's enough. I promise you we gonna be okay. So Renee on Julie was he owns husband father of their three sons and her manager for so many years you can see more of that interview later this morning on Good Morning America. Really was a tough moment for her hand he had been battling cancer for so many years so it was almost. As if she was prepared for that. Moment and serving part of her life both obviously personally but also nationally about relationships. A lot to part with there and there's a very moving in an in depth. Right next let's move. Betty actor revealed two years ago that he was diagnosed with type two diabetes and now. He's admitting that it was his diet that did him and calling himself part of the lazy American generation and telling the radio times quote. I was happy. You've seen me in the movies I was a total idiot. Thanks and on to say that he is hopeful however that if he hits a certain target weight. He'll be able to reverse the disease altogether says that's what his doctor. Just told him the peso and interesting side note here Hank says. It could have been worse he says what helped keep him away from booze and drugs was becoming a father at age of 21 and being forced to grow up fast with. It's ready said he didn't think it is fair share certain things but he didn't make it a habit yeah and he's grateful Betty says you know I I may have at the time thought I was missing out but. I was actually able to be aware of what was going on in the world and see my kids grow up. And so and now he has yet another reason thank them. I'd never heard that you if you lose. If you lose weight then you can kind of reverse their. You know that it worked in the opposite waved him OK so next in our celebrity Healthwatch Sophia Rivera with them reminder for all women. Burke are undermining fans that it's that time of year. The modern family star in sicker and that this photo of herself getting an annual mammogram. Agassi may recall that Rivera is a cancer survivor she was diagnosed with tyrant cancer sixteen years ago. And she has said in past interviews at the diagnosis changed her life bringing her younger than forcing her to take better care of herself. She now takes a pill every day to manage for thyroid hormones. And finally it's the end of an error for Tom Chris. Yes it is for at least the end of a real estate heir in what seemed like and Mission Impossible. The actor has managed to offload his 101000 square foot Beverly Hills mansion that he shared with his wife Katie Holmes at the time. For 45 million dollars looks like more than a mention that looks like five mentions that looks like Vatican City. So after knocking five million off the price park and yet he's now been in this. Now the state has seven bedrooms nine bathrooms a tennis court a pull a playground. And several guest passes while I mean. In case you have many of the guests and there's no room for them in the house in his the guest house for them to. Some by the way Tom and Katie but the home for just over thirty million dollars have us back in 2007 when he's still jumping on Oprah's couch. So he's still walking away with a cool fifteen million. The 53 year old has been quietly selling office properties lately he recently sold his Hollywood Hills home for eleven point four million dollars. It's too bad your Manhattan apartment for three million and he's solicit his 33 acre Colorado retreat. 4159. Million dollars you're holding out for the Colorado retreat and I opened what does he have left after all that I'm guessing him or property meant. Some cruise loves a real estate to go around and Chris Stanley. Clearly this Mission Impossible movies were actually success it'll get.

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{"id":39189794,"title":"Celine Dion Describes Her Last Moments With Her Late Husband ","duration":"4:25","description":"In an exclusive interview with ABC's Deborah Roberts, Celine Dion discusses her final moments with her late husband, Rene Angelil. ","url":"/WNN/video/celine-dion-describes-moments-late-husband-39189794","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}