The coffee lover's diet

Author Dr. Bob Arnot shows us how coffee could be the super food for you.
4:31 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for The coffee lover's diet
For most of us there are few things we look forward to more each day than that first cup of coffee. And if you find that category you will love this next segment award winning journalist and best selling author doctor Bob Arnott is here with his new book the copy lover's diet. All talking about not only is coffee delightful but it's also turns out really good for us so doctor are not everyone is gonna want to hear this one especially if you hit ship. So how did you come to find this effigy in always think this deal. I was always doing stories high and why coffee is so terrible for it why causes heart attacks the risk of cancer. But there was finally this giant study in the new England journal of medicine and number one journal in the world. Five million consumer years of coffee drinking. And where they concluded was. That there is a 15% decrease in all cause death that includes like accidents heart disease infectious disease for women and a 10% prevent. There's almost nothing that does that making coffee the ultimate super fruit and added another copy with the thing. Because they've done now hundreds of trials on a good actually gone right hander to figure out what it is is so good about it which is called. Appalling phenol for the lord to Paula you know wolf it's the same thing that makes fresh fruits vegetables. Red wine green tea and all the while healthy. In fact people have the greatest overall poli phenol in Jake have a 30% decrease in all cause death so it's fantastic. Story. So can we ignore all those other studies at a time as a copies that first we just to the low bloodier mafia norm straight up finish at the but not all coffee has created people right so how do you determine. Which one is good for you and which one is bad for you. So when I get over the last three years this is sourced thousands of coffee beans from all over the planet. We took into an analytical chemistry laboratory in looked at Pauley funerals we found amazing differences and we found our sordid I am was that. Those copies grown extremely high altitude like 7000 feet in Kenya. Where they're challenged by Coleman raining clouds and whatnot. Date they have to be strong and so they have the most Polly funerals and that again is what makes it so incredibly healthy. That's number one number two is them robes. That is the more you roasted the more you destroy the polling funerals of the good things if the B he's roasted lightly enough. The light rose gives you all the polling funerals all the health benefits. And tremendous. Case so lot of Americans a third of them they like start coughing they like it just burkes law acted oily. They put premature and at which matches nicely and that's what they think coffee is. But the very lying gross have spectacular. Flavors. Honey caramel chocolate do you need milk and share of heroes sing it in LA LA bureau Carol. And that that's the greatest sort of treat about copies if you were due to a newly gray when they have phenomenal. Tastes and Romans. There are unbelievably good fight for the best single thing you do for yourself and any given day so you have to get your copy from summer's record as a grocery store brand work just fine pretty exotic. Alcan held up in the book though we have looked at grocery store copies to pick out. Which of S and he you'd be surprised with the number one coffee was for grocery store copies it was. Dunkin' Donuts. Yeah I was shocked. Well that's good news is that's one of the few that I like actually oh god what about the caffeine isn't that bad for us. It's a really good question it depends whether you are fast for a slow process to cut 55% of the population. Can have an X espresso at 11 o'clock at night and they're out electrician. And the rest just like you meet and we hate them creatively that because if I have 1 after OO o'clock in the morning Elvis swat team a might jail right. So you're slow processor you really shouldn't have more than Warner two cups a day of the caffeinated. But the good news is that decaf Nady copies can have just as many in the polling funerals and can be just as good for you if it's a very high quality peek at the coffee should be. The greatest indulgence at. If you're already doing yet just Cheney knew it through okay do the right way I was the best thing you do in any given. Writer Arnett thank you so much for these and other copy tips check. Web site that event fans dot com. Again doctor grabbing you so much for being done and thank you for joining us stay with western world does that.

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{"id":48127713,"title":"The coffee lover's diet","duration":"4:31","description":"Author Dr. Bob Arnot shows us how coffee could be the super food for you.","url":"/WNN/video/coffee-lovers-diet-48127713","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}