Why so fascinated with fascinators?

ABC News' Molly Hunter shows off her headwear the day before the big day.
4:05 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for Why so fascinated with fascinators?
Good morning everyone we're starting off this hour with the countdown to the royal wedding and an American princess in the yes indeed take a look cold sorry at him in a and get ahead of the big banner and the music. You're looking now at a live picture overhead of Windsor Castle where Prince Harry BC the grounds there Prince Harry making Markel. Will exchanged vows to mar with tens of millions watching across the globe went down eight. If you look at that insisting men the landscaping it's just needs a little bit of work. Who will walk Megan doubt we'll find out tomorrow of course. ABC's value hunter joins us from Windsor where the mother of the bride will sit down with the queen today. Good morning big day. Guys good money it isn't big day for D'auria the mother of the bride I normally needing your future son in law's grandmother or not it's a big deal but when it's the queen. The stakes are high. The first glimpse of the royal couple as they headed for rehearsal Thursday in the back of the car less than 48 hours to go now. It's been a rollercoaster couple of days for Megan after a flurry of tablet reports in recent days about her father. Megan released a statement Thursday saying sadly my father will not be attending her wedding and those care for my father and hope he can be given space to focus on his health. But her mother D'auria did touchdown meaning the inline with the grooms father Prince Charles and Camilla for some teeth. Also meeting prince William and Kate and Friday he meets the queen. But no matter Megan's disappointment about her father whom she added in her statement please know how much Harry and I look forward to sharing our special day with you. And weak well the world's media and tens of thousands of well planned definitely to sharing every little detail but something kept but something very special and unique. Already Thursday crowds lining the streets to watch the rehearsal. The band but higher and that carriage and keep it on Saturday will be anything new anyway. I get there are our there are already super fans camping out in Windsor I am definitely not one of them fight on my producer I have not. And sleeping here last two weeks to get Edith position. Bank and ask you haven't been. I thought we were depending on that kind of event commitment to know that I am loving your headgear but serious money been covering this for months now what are you most excited about. My god die and it through row at the moment she gets out of that car and we get this C they'll hold thing. We know it's going to be YE and we know rumors. About the designer and we also have got is locked in is that your location in the past well right now and I'm dying to see it get an hour. Going to be beautiful it guy in Somalia speaking of the hats and you have your fascinated isn't there I know that men aren't allowed to Wear hats because I guess it's a date on the bed what. Can we expect from the Levys tomorrow. Both tennis isn't just my normal ahead here now that I listen I'm a local and this is what women did. But at the wedding too loud here in America at prince William and Kate's wedding there I've ever. For half the size of satellites. And if there's anything smaller than not tomorrow I mean you really disappointment there and look at toilet at willing Kate's wedding government that to some looking forward to that lets them. What's making going to be wearing on him giving him. You need do ackland questions after diet. That women often change into its PR as Maggie will have her of the Stanley julep there are. Several options for her the few imagined and walking into Rimage is adding. To choose whatever tiara you one exit. There I want the one that the queen wore at her commemoration. This we like that that you yeah I want the crown honey believe as a Harry that you yeah I think. And maybe it will have live coverage of the wild wedding from beginning to and Robin Roberts and David Muir will lead our coverage along with our reporter teens all there in. Winds are starting tomorrow at 5 AM.

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{"id":55255901,"title":"Why so fascinated with fascinators?","duration":"4:05","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter shows off her headwear the day before the big day.","url":"/WNN/video/fascinated-fascinators-55255901","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}