Fashion Of The Future

ABC's Tina Trinh introduces the "Adrenaline Dress" which senses when you're stressed and expands, much like a bird puffs up its feathers when it feels threatened.
3:42 | 09/15/15

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Transcript for Fashion Of The Future
So when it comes to dress making most designers stick with some fat rig needle in the rad. Before one designer 3-D printer can stand in for selling shame. You have the simple stuff he BC's tech interpreter Tina train. Check out Fashion Week going on here in New York City and discovered sound very high tech tools that are. Transforming fashion. Everyday tasks does that climb higher office job back as. Jeff Beck kind of represents what is possible in the future of fashion technology to win animals and fighter flight mode when it feels trapped. Then there's just so it expands its fat content of fast and adrenaline and respond. Did inspiration behind the death. So long does this speedy printed from top to bottom of the signing Glover is not brands but Conte and then this is flex and all liar. So the flex and how liar is what's singing and motion of the carbon fibers capture. The 365. Living continent by very pieces. Making garments in talents and is something everybody's trying to do we're just trying to make it simpler and easier by putting this tiny island Vermont and stressed that make it's hard. Event on concern as a bandit in the inside of the dress and that is responding take your breath. It can't breath and he changes then it nose and nose of dying Stratton and expands. In scenario where this. Stress relief in her acting would be window where feel that there endangered or when they feel that they need to. Even my strong Crawford then. Themselves and and visually appears Michael Warren a long term and being. Complete customization humbly accessibility and having clothing be downloadable like MP3 and having that changed the entire industry where he'll just feel like. Packing collection downloading files applying antibodies camping out on the color it's Matt. Sensibilities if something that five million back. Okay anti veteran joins us now with the adrenaline dress gang welcome so I can see myself getting into the drastic but didn't. I can't see any self respecting cabinet I have in the op. It's not the most practical dress for getting around town I will give you that but Intel said getting people to think about the idea at fashion and technology as one concept and not to separate ideas. It's a great starting point. And you have a lot of designing these days can really thinking about how to integrate technology into their clothing and actually. Make it stylish and not this ugly date clunky thing Netflix faulted to your your dress. I mean that I don't necessarily think of designers this fashion designers as techie so Howard the emerging. Yeah news nowadays what they're basically partnering with tech companies and they're bringing the best of both worlds into one government and this is a great example of this is. Tough obviously designed by Intel. And crow mat together. But you have companies like Google and Levi's partner knapsack posing should address. Last week that was all that up and coated with different patterns to light up on the Wear as they twirled around. And you have let you know Ralph Lauren thinking about integrating a heart rate monitor into the church itself so. They're coming together in really. Coming up with really stylish clothing that people were actually want to Wear you know what I can see I can see that gyro copter guide the postal worker. Flu in the capital and that I'm going to be the fashion design that applies into the capital careful Washington is coming out of this and my CD show up with that. Is sexy come mining and that he discard this part is party's pick that part is just construe this is just a few you. Reigning nowhere and I think love the concept Tina trend thank you so much thinking yeah.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh introduces the \"Adrenaline Dress\" which senses when you're stressed and expands, much like a bird puffs up its feathers when it feels threatened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33763535","title":"Fashion Of The Future","url":"/WNN/video/fashion-future-33763535"}