'Glee' Star 'Let's It Go'

Lea Michele admits she got sick while singing the hit song.
4:04 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for 'Glee' Star 'Let's It Go'
K leading us off a beloved song by so many. But how could have made the start police lot of people service alone just from me consider that this. On with our loved let it go you know you maybe have heard of it all Jimmy Kimmel Live that Michelle who say they hits all in the season premiere of Lee revealed she had a pretty. Rough time with the solve onset. In trying to make the magical love and Leah looked up into the falling snow got. Some stuck in her throat and how did the road op she admitted the day to really start out so well for her and she wasn't feeling her best friend that. Check out however she did recover and got a good take and not before the crew captured her nausea it's not just moment he and slow mode at war. Slobodan. Released a video we don't unfortunately. He. It's impossible to get sick this morning. I would say so I'm not over yet not work you're Disney. We definitely isn't there we welcome the front door and that's always planned to the fifth. There's a lot of other things are now making waves in the business or unusual appearance on stage CL Bryant who thinks there's right or anything you know or. That I had no this is wants all. I'm close to thrown up when I hear this would not because of the song itself but I look that's on his aversion that plays here in studio I don't know about that this when things chandelier. The blurred newly hit elastic heartbeat is the same young dancer from the shed the live music video or name is Mattie. Ziegler. Seen here was Shia LaBeouf and a controversial. Video where is she might now be. Please call because of the tweets he has got yesterday the tweet reads parents and guardians. If you have an LA based eight to twelve year old who wants to be on TV with me tripping videos of them limp from a sinking elastic heart. This event to worry that Mattie maybe aged out of her star role these kids be dancing as well what TV shows this for a lot of questions Wilson Hudson's. People curious as an OUIL. And in a video would not eat well. Try it's Lady Gaga has been busy letting us see a softer side she's been showing her vocal chops most recently the legendary. Tony Bennett. But couldn't even collaborator on the horizon. Also it's been awhile since we've heard from but Dell to report without busy working on an album but. We just got a little school it's to grab that's what she's been recording or should we say cool. She's been recording with Lady Gaga posted this double Sophie. Two bit with the caption nothing like a win Saturday night. Broad could beautiful but the. You do see a Dell holding her laptop there but sadly there's not much. A painful out there we can only hope it's true. While we may have to wait for music from gaga and Adele we've. I am blessed with a new track from Grammy Award winning crooner. He's partnered with American greetings for personalized news. Isn't it not Pettit Michael. What was experienced a bit of a career Renaissance of late. Poking fun at his. It's also but some went to this gift you know that's the years ago and he kind of keeps. Steve bill he has a great careers. Well. With some celebrity birthdays now who we have kids taken us off and need a point at. Later sisters turned 67. Captain Sully Sully Sullenberger. What he's known as heroic five of that here in the custody for 64. Lot of orders sex crime did have kids I'm looking events interns acting a little offense and actress Mariska Hargitay. Turns 51 dancing by the bills Killy the housekeeper for the.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Lea Michele admits she got sick while singing the hit song. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28429346","title":"'Glee' Star 'Let's It Go'","url":"/WNN/video/glee-star-lets-28429346"}