Holiday Recipes That Will Overwhelm

Tim Laird with an impressive spread that includes punch and a sandwich with extra kick.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Holiday Recipes That Will Overwhelm
Here in celebration can have -- -- that only if you know what to do -- -- Americans cheap entertainment officer and author of now to know looks. Including his latest that's entertaining cocktails and appetizers. If -- this morning with quite an impressive spread as usual -- -- -- I would say how can -- -- seven -- an impressive spread but this time we're talking holiday we are this is. Holiday -- right now and one of the things around the holidays I would get calls for kids you have a punch recipe and I see absolutely because punches are easy to survey the holidays could even make. A lot of it in hand here's how easy this whenever I call this punch -- out -- is based on the cure -- of shot board and champagne so in my punch bowl. Two bottles of champagne goes in eight ounces. The shop Borges a black raspberry -- quarter and then finally. Eight ounces of cranberry juice. And then I top it off and some with some raspberries and you can actually -- seasonal help keep the punch. Children's. Or when -- showing -- up here to the side that. While his isn't LA ten -- latest I got off handed out let me just yet it's -- I -- -- -- so see we pick raspberries cranberries all that sparkle prohibiting an ocean board knows that it's gonna hate electricity doesn't present the show absolutely so that's -- holiday. I'm Troy Allen really does like people especially with raspberries I don't -- now I also have in the chapter of -- -- a whole chapter on alcohol free cocktails I was would be responsible -- or are pregnant or had any limit to drive. Whole chapter in this is a really good when I'm -- I call this -- -- raspberry smash -- mixing glass. But eight raspberry is a few mint leaves and it is gonna kinda get us a little crush. Aaron that a little bit ginger -- today as to -- model the process but pour this into a glass with ice. And then -- -- back with a little bit more ginger -- Not you know what you can put those little bits and there you wanted -- if you strain it. -- get a nice clear source Rainier beer a little more ginger beer just to give it a little extra snap -- -- -- -- garnish. And -- know you can take this -- -- -- and no alcohol and that's one. This a lot of raspberry is funded -- see what you think Diana and I think -- find this guy that ginger little flavor to a music still ran the raspberries -- throat. You can't really take ten years of great -- to be -- gives you that can agree almost feel like you're yeah exactly. And -- I can't even tell you know you're not you -- -- safe but it doesn't say they get it done that it it is actually looks -- specimens are alcohol one million of normality this is my beef tenderloin sandwiches but we're -- at little -- Diana this can be given extra kept her and I have been my bowl. About one cup of fat free yogurt and I like the Greek style. And who -- about a quarter cup of fresh horseradish Gil ended the one with the queen you know lancry what has now been in the third belittled he's gotten mustered about two tablespoons is that -- and that's a whole other element to -- -- -- and and a little salt and pepper will grab one of those little sandwiches. -- -- existed -- on there there handle it I'll try is UCL a I think there you go try that. And how excited about -- looked like cooking it all Mike Jackson these -- -- this is the -- that probably most requested recipe out of the book -- are my cheese biscuits. And they haven't -- to them but they don't have not tsunami is an old lot of people nut allergies in the -- -- those -- when we have a secret ingredient that makes them. Unbelievable page 166 in the book. You have to get the book to it To get this recipe -- -- identities of two -- -- had been excited. -- I -- I gotta love these. Oh my god. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's a little sleep eat nuts I called her and what's great about these two recipes you make a lot of them and one Betsy can even use them as gifts. Sites not -- sent him -- use of my party's. I get a trial when it if necessary carry -- -- -- -- Laurie. Even only things -- -- sell well obviously the heat it's also. This is the reason you have to pick up that I think it but I -- -- -- hasn't won in most delicious things I've ever taste and -- that this is to -- how long. It's called militants have got -- -- all of it then they didn't want anything Diana years of course he'll find his recipes are not specific. Except for -- -- that's -- good thing is though you gotta get the look for. Are -- -- -- debated Clinton -- and Penn dot com will be right back with more world news now.

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{"id":21159815,"title":"Holiday Recipes That Will Overwhelm","duration":"3:00","description":"Tim Laird with an impressive spread that includes punch and a sandwich with extra kick.","url":"/WNN/video/holiday-recipes-overwhelm-21159815","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}