'House of Cards' Premieres Season 4 Trailer

The Netflix Original Series debuted the season 4 trailer during the GOP debate.
4:20 | 12/16/15

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Transcript for 'House of Cards' Premieres Season 4 Trailer
Okay they thought a moment during a break in the Republican debates past that yet a campaign ad snuck his way into the commercial lineup when it was quite a surprise that Sutherland. Synutra in America. I return home. And sleep more since. Four. All because one man refuses to settle and putting people before politics. It's spring. America. I'm only getting started. The hi I'm frank Underwood and I approve this man's. He's in 2016. From rank and if that's been delivered yet he doesn't it what warnings. Really interesting about that from me. When is it just shows you how easy to these pools of parity of political best because it's really tons up and says America. I'm only getting stuff it looks like a campaign that. He could be a campaign that it faithfully fight sits you this is a real company not. Guess which candidates Elizabeth the end you would've been able to guess looks like RNC. It RNC should pick up with house of cards they do it national Election Day to do very well. Suffice it to us he is now has the causes and you've been around for four years. Oh this is the website get a yes that is an actual web site as well the you can get a look in his eyes would back him what his watch you think. That's if you think it's quite meets the you get down you can scroll around they've DF to be Caplan that we know we don't car. Frank Underwood speaks his mind now with us both and interviewing current and graphics London. There's blood that you played really just forget the website you know go to the end of the last season there was applause put on the web size and are doubtful. Fuel welcome. You know Rick I used to calm me on your cell phone. Buckingham you can magnetic Magnum. I have ever give you might have perhaps. Hotline playing very famous song by Drake went viral so we want to show you what happens. When some actors recently nominated for the golden gloves they do their ultimate dramatic interpretation of traits lyrics here it is. Ever since I left the city you got a reputation for yourself now. Go. You got me down. He got me stressed out could ever since I left this city you. Start wearing less going out home. Hanging with some girls never seen before. Used to call me on March showed strung late night when you need in my love. Call him my cellphone. Late night when you need my love that can only mean one thing. I know. When that hot line playing. Particularly me. He's economy on my cell phone. Late night when you need not. Colonial myself alone late night when. Milo is remarkable and I might not they did a great great job this can only be topped I think it's maybe George Stephanopoulos Danny Harris in the game got together and did a rendition of this ABC news I think that we. It there there's this amazing. Intimidate saying. Bryan Cranston was used during a little visible to watch it and that's how intimidating he can be. When he's reads simply reading and I just rattled a contrite if we won't some of the music from hotline blinked project due Drake stamps. That's the let's let's look from the company's that we talk oh. I mean short guy I agree if you read regularly you've tried expressive. I just funny how it's that is we need these contracts as well with serious example. I think Bolton the gross national brought that's how. Enough. Children is inciting deal yeah we're talking about. Like yeah I'd. He earned about eighty million dollars annually and expected to rise in the eye Indian militancy was three days a week also agreed to twelve via licensing deal to create streaming content what are we doing wrong Richard. I think more does everything. Up would actually volunteers a combat with him. Coming out how wearing pajamas and full day. He's muzzled them.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"The Netflix Original Series debuted the season 4 trailer during the GOP debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35793483","title":"'House of Cards' Premieres Season 4 Trailer","url":"/WNN/video/house-cards-premieres-season-trailer-35793483"}