Howard Stern Could Be Jimmy Fallon's Replacement

If Jimmy Fallon moves to Jay Leno?s slot, the shock jock could take over for Fallon.
4:10 | 03/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Howard Stern Could Be Jimmy Fallon's Replacement
All right happens giddiness talking late night talk show -- you know a lot of rumors and unconfirmed rumors that Jimmy Fallon is going to be the successor to the Tonight Show red Leno might you know can't be pushed out stand down when you wanna call it. So in fact if this happens now the new rumor is who would take over for Jimmy found an open spot Johnny declines that I declined yes you know where -- decide this world news now getting is just -- -- -- But at any rate the New York Post is now reporting that Howard Stern. Couldn't balance and starts at a lot of different appearances on on TV and I was doing I was doing that the Americans -- attached challengers get a lot more exposure and sort of more mainstream exposure than -- his radio show you be surprised how many people who listen to that -- radio Howard -- it's funny I mean yes they would you wanna know what's politically correct and you know I'm sure there's a lot of people have issues with -- but. I know what's wrong but everytime I am here anyway. I annie's body you know my husband says he's a good interview he pulls things that people instrument -- -- all right well yeah. -- -- in Baghdad in a letter that can be funny to be absolutely does and doesn't grooming process might be hung towels and comes. OK so we just the -- pregnant once again and she's been pregnant at 45 years she's yeah right. Right here forever yet another second line. So -- -- on the Jimmy Kimmel show this evening -- -- -- yes she does she looks wonderful and she was talking about how this pregnancy is a little different from her first one because this second -- making her second -- -- -- then vomiting and all happened and never knew that a Weiner could actually make me nauseous and yeah. All of them -- I didn't even know. OK I saw that happening actually didn't know what what's happening. I honestly thought she and she could have gotten away with saying that. When she said -- -- making -- -- temperatures are not hot dog really went right to the dirty stuff. Alison I think most of the audience that I don't think I'm really don't think they were laughing at the fact that is that the word Weiner we. Which is an audience earnings since -- have many times I can now because she said it to -- an acoustic -- -- Hot -- don't make basic. But isn't just I -- think Jessica Simpson has been an issue without ever share engines apparently -- Ellen DeGeneres show and cheese. Talked about partying and amniotic fling it and you -- and efficient standalone so much now the world not just having a boy but. I really do -- -- have gotten away with saying hot -- make these Jimmy -- mail facilities like we're -- be right in my lap you have and the more I got out. This is awesome Japanese TV Leonardo DiCaprio -- a bunch of years to suddenly bust out -- really -- and yeah. And Jack Nicholson and he doesn't -- -- let's not. -- out now -- they look like how. How good -- -- how good is that -- and they worked together of course another deported about seven years ago. But that was on Japanese TV and apparently the hosts all of this I loved -- and that's -- very -- Assuming and we you know instead he very well because you live on the debt shorelines here you know you heard absolutely -- -- anyway she's changed her look she's dropped 42 pound. Since she had her baby. And take a cheap machine now the cover of US -- and she got but that she's changed altogether she's -- What a bit so she's taken it easy on the self tanner and going to -- every two days you have now. She's not she's growing -- she says that she wanted to lose the weight so that her hubby. I think it's her -- should be about -- they're married anyway she wanted to look at pretty good to make sure that he always viewed her as a hot mom. I disagree go to -- up at -- not good to -- a little bit.

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{"id":18673034,"title":"Howard Stern Could Be Jimmy Fallon's Replacement","duration":"4:10","description":"If Jimmy Fallon moves to Jay Leno?s slot, the shock jock could take over for Fallon. ","url":"/WNN/video/howard-stern-jimmy-fallons-replacement-18673034","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}