Insomniac Kitchen: Salt Water Taffy

James Candy Company in Atlantic City reveals how salt water taffy is made.
4:07 | 05/22/15

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Transcript for Insomniac Kitchen: Salt Water Taffy
That's in the prompter we've made it to the unofficial start of summer but I thought that starts and then wailed ruling that we've made to weakens. It's Friday a right to reward ourselves for making it that long horrible winter. The European Giuliani and others put into Cappy in particular. We celebrate now memorial day of course but what's a docile national saltwater taffy day which is tomorrow's let's head to Atlantic City. The home from the of salt water that big babies these different. Paint that next time we're hearing in Atlantic City on the boardwalk in indie parts McKinney of choice saltwater taffy. That's good see how they make it. We're here with the president at canes candy company frank Placer. Frank you guys make two grams of salt water tap here at James and company miss Jane's. And frail injures us now why two different saltwater taffy grants. Both of these companies started eighteen games here in Atlantic City through a fierce competitors for almost 400. 99 B. Two companies merged together and he and he kept to brand separate products different. Just on the envelope one company games. Really better than the other it's funny. Our Mike these changes. Almost five are. Are right now we don't make sure this bill and in my weight around. In the key in the kitchen and this is where it all began what isn't happy sugar Forrester. Mills. Only certain people. Don't want to talk about the temperature we knew it was transferred over to the vacuum here basically taking. Sea level where we are right on the beach and atop mount Everett which you'll flash go off. The back to help. We're still way if that's how you control. How hard the soft. How much more through. Well that is happy before it has any flavoring and disoriented. I was happy with a big point you know pain. The texture of panic. Word on a whole table. We'll find. All. This software. Now the go wrong. The timing have to be just her. And I can't. Its. Peak wow it's right there thanks to decadent candy company so one is a little bit. NT wider and the other one is took longer okay and that's really the bigger difference. White has luck and over there. Because they ridiculous it is that it's Friday it's Ollie weekend and how is it. If it's so good okay now there's of the great book. Salt water taffy you would think there's some salt water in there this through its office a little known fact I didn't know this but the guys are resuming. The store making this that the candy merchant. This candy got wet. Got salt Morrone he thought to be funny historical that's O lord Levy but there's no salt has looked into saltwater I don't know I don't know its training. Very good about me.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"James Candy Company in Atlantic City reveals how salt water taffy is made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"31227321","title":"Insomniac Kitchen: Salt Water Taffy","url":"/WNN/video/insomniac-kitchen-salt-water-taffy-31227321"}