Korea Ferry Accident: Families Anxiously Wait

Rescue efforts are hampered by poor weather, strong underwater currents and lack of organization.
2:33 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Korea Ferry Accident: Families Anxiously Wait
America's number one. Good Thursday morning hundreds of navy -- Coast Guard divers are battling market conditions in the waters off South Korea this morning. Searching for survivors of that -- fairy this morning ship's captain appeared on Korean television industries covered in saying he is sorry and deeply -- Investigators have been questioning him about the moments before the ferry capsized reports have surfaced indicating that. He may have veered off the government recommended route so far nine people are dead nearly 300. Mostly teenagers are still missing. And a six year old girl is one of the lucky survivors. Rescued from that sinking ship but her parents and her brother are still among the missing. This morning she's in a hospital waiting to hear about the fate of her family doctors treating her say she has no external injuries. And some of the grieving families are gathering port site near the scene of the shipwreck anxiously awaiting good news about their loved ones. But many are also furious screaming at officials that they're not doing enough to save their children ABC's -- -- was with them. On the second day of the ferry accident rescue efforts are being hampered by poor weather conditions. Strong underwater current and total lack go to organize patient here at the -- the -- -- -- utter chaos. Among those on the pump equipment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- any requirement that you what I don't donate -- not doing anything for -- This morning we're learning about heartbreaking text messages between -- and their family. 118 year old woman -- to -- father dad don't worry I've got a life vest on and were huddled together. She still among the missing some family members went out to see for themselves this morning the location where students are believed to have been trapped. The only hope -- may be may be -- inside the safe by an air pocket. This emergency doctor says emotional stress for these families is causing dehydration and heart problems. This family was just informed this morning that their son. Was found dead. -- that'll -- uncles says they have been able to see the body -- and he won't give up hope. From all over the country volunteers are here including scuba divers an ex Marines -- given the relationship this divers says the kids could be anyone's child. He is ready to get now there. But the problem -- there -- no -- to take them. -- each elected -- and South Korea.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"Rescue efforts are hampered by poor weather, strong underwater currents and lack of organization.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23357548","title":"Korea Ferry Accident: Families Anxiously Wait","url":"/WNN/video/korea-ferry-accident-families-anxiously-wait-23357548"}