No Labels On Love

A PSA from the Ad Council shows how diverse love is and encourages people to overcome their prejudices.
2:54 | 03/04/15

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Transcript for No Labels On Love
Now it's time for the next you know a lot of us have these biases that we don't care to admit that we have what for instance. To me a long time to get over the prejudiced view. Wearing your tie wearers in the would have to go pop pop pop into the got a lot of I don't like you don't Wear your tie though he'd use sudden like get go to Houston. I think there's a PSA a really are for the good of people applies says had try to get over the this is called love has no labels it's done by the ad council. Look at that it doesn't matter what your gender skin color religion disability. That we all work to overcome our biases. That the video is adamant Thursday there was video it. Are you never get so if you look at the other side of that you don't know don't know who prey on this. That's it's touch and proud. Let me let me turn now to YouTube and everybody when you don't need to look at video they have those that in the quarters says you can skip this dead and four Korea. Both of us and that is done we click. Geico is come up with a way. To get the ad in before you able to click skip they come of these 52 and it's good point. Don't make me think he's saving. You can't skip this guys go because it's already over Geico fifteen minutes. More care is kind of it's so ago because everybody skips those ads and and so that this is the way everybody's gonna start going to give them by Lincoln Geico just insurance. Yes. Everybody knows that our it save you 15% we'll for our Geico. About their it's quite fitting if you get five seconds. Well next what there was AE avenue because the man who stopped for DUI. And he had a little looted and marijuana. And he thought he could use reverse psychology. He put his pot and that's. A sour cream Land O'Lakes. Little tub but he wrote not wheat. That did not stop the police officers from opening the containers discovered nearly twelve gray hands of marijuana. Supposedly was inside joke with expanded south. Side note to self even if you write not meet the cops what sort of anyway. It's got to be something else to this stuff I don't. Programs that'll. None of the lamented a lot of these programs deck and a lot of weak in most states. Yes that it'll we OK suppose about a week. Until then get the lead story every so this victory yesterday of the weasel writing the woodpecker yup another guy who took a picture actually say we wasn't writing is actually attacking what beggar but. The force Internet means. About town hall of right here. They're easy to hunt love. Don't look for youth violence hundreds that they yeah. Haven like to reckon malls.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"A PSA from the Ad Council shows how diverse love is and encourages people to overcome their prejudices. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29376049","title":"No Labels On Love","url":"/WNN/video/labels-love-29376049"}