Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year

Lady Gaga earns Billboard honor for her contributions to music.
2:43 | 09/30/15

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Transcript for Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year
Right governor skiddie headlines this morning mama monster herself lady got yes he's being bestowed with the honor of Woman of the Year. Billboard made the announcement yesterday that gaga will receive the award in December during its annual. Women in music event the magazine says. It was they pick got up for her contributions to entertain to 29 year old god that has taken on many causes through music. Including the empowerment of marginalized youth. She's also showed her versatility as high hill performing everything from pop to jazz. Lady Gaga now joins Taylor Swift pink Katy Perry and beyoncé with the honor actually. Turning now to another star that is being honored the incomparable Sammy Davis junior it has been 25 years you believe it senses that. Yesterday a stretch of roadway in Las Vegas was named after mr. show business members of davis' family attended a ceremony yesterday unveiling the new street signs. And the renaming completes a U reunion of sorts sandy Davis junior drive. Inner sacks with street's already named for fellow rat pack performers Frank Sinatra. And Dean Martin. What took so long by the way davis' daughter Tracy said quoting here the so happy to see my father reunited in the town we have loved with his best friends. And shore uncles frank and dean along with mylan very father are smiling right now we'd love any serve reunion these guys we'll take it. And it kept making a not as we know from one of her songs and she's. Feeling herself by doing myself but she's not she's. But now she's actually looking for herself. That's a different side by the finals. In the can make he's on the hunt for our younger version of herself since. Hughes broke yesterday up her deal with ABC family the rapper and singer can add television producer to her list. I'm accomplishments. Denied his working on a comedy based on her life growing up in Queens that she's already revealed. That the first episode will center on her preteens south. She took a social media tell hunting nationwide search for an eleven or twelve year old player and we'll also be writing raps that will be performed by eighty actors to be named on the shelf off him. We'll see who they get for that I finally double 07 racking up some major numbers when it comes to his car collection according to an interview in the Daily Mail with a cheap stunt coordinator for the new James Bond film Specter. 36 million dollars worth of cars were destroyed while shooting that includes seven out of ten Aston Martin's and a Lander rover and a kind constant jaguar. Or is Bonn would say Jackie why Specter Bradley opens. That's when fourth installment.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Lady Gaga earns Billboard honor for her contributions to music.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34143767","title":"Lady Gaga Named Woman of the Year","url":"/WNN/video/lady-gaga-named-woman-year-34143767"}