Large Explosions Rock Florida Propane Plant

Four people were critically injured after several large propane tanks exploded in Tavares, Fla.
2:37 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Large Explosions Rock Florida Propane Plant
America this morning. Good morning we begin with that breaking news in Central Florida -- -- -- explosions rocking and gas plant in nearby neighborhood hundreds of propane tanks exploding into -- -- overnight sending flames high into the -- seven workers rushed to the hospital with burns. Dozens of family members in the city -- taveras forced from their homes. No one was killed ABC's Devin Dwyer has the latest. Us and the eruption of flames could be seen from miles away the glow of burning propane piercing the night sky. Witnesses who heard the explosion shortly before 11 PM thought a plane had gone down. One out backyard -- this guy was just blew up Brett just vibrant red with a huge plume of smoke there was constant exposure. From the sky above a glimpse at the destruction the roof of the plant blown entirely way. Authorities said the blue rhino propane distributor had some 53000. Portable tanks on site they were set off in a violent chain reaction. They store the propane cylinders in different parts on the property in different areas of the plant very -- as the fires continued to spread. There are more and more explosions officials say all of the two dozen night shift workers inside the plant have been accounted for. Several people injured were airlifted to nearby hospitals where they've remained in critical condition. Meanwhile more than 200 emergency responders have descended on the scene right now -- main concern is. Containing this fire -- seen making sure that. -- once -- in -- CNN and the surrounding neighborhoods are safe and all that the explosion forced the temporary evacuation of residents within a one mile radius of the plant. This morning those residents and the families of the victims await answers on what sparked the blaze. Devin Dwyer ABC news. -- a story rocketed around social media overnight the first images starting pouring into Twitter moments after the explosion. One of the first came from that at Maria -- man. Handel and you can see a fireball from blocks away -- lighting up the sky and not in mr. -- this picture coming from -- Z the intensity of the fire can clearly be seen here across a lake and the YouTube video started popping up shortly after the explosion this one coming from the username beautifully lord. You want to stay with ABC news for the very latest on the propane plant explosion will of course continue to update you. Throughout America this morning plus full coverage coming up on Good Morning America.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"Four people were critically injured after several large propane tanks exploded in Tavares, Fla.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19812059","title":"Large Explosions Rock Florida Propane Plant","url":"/WNN/video/large-explosions-rock-florida-propane-plant-19812059"}