How to live happily ever after

Jo Piazza, author of "How to be Married," describes the secrets behind a long lasting marriage.
5:13 | 04/21/17

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Then the man. Roots. Like rove Morris and Chad. Com couple on top very cute as any married couple will tell you. Love and marriage aren't easy as easy to achieve as that song might lead you to believe. Yes in fact if marriage is a leading cause of divorce so one woman who went searching to find out what this is the key. Santa happy marriage ABC's nativity set down with her. Thanks you too what other Jo piazza got engaged she says she had no idea how to be married. So she set off to twelve countries in twelve months often with her new husband buyer's side to crowd source marriage advice for men and women around the world. I am here with show a friend of mine a fellow newly wed welcome. I'm seven months into my marriage your a little over a year married move you call this first year the wet cement here why is this time so critical. Some marriage experts say that. The first year marriage the most important it's the time when we're setting our habits setting her patterns. And figuring out how to live as two people to governor. So it's actually the most critical time to make sure Roberts do you have a long marriage but that you have a happy marriage. Simple and 212 countries you've spoke to hundreds of people on a variety of topics polygamy in Kenya open marriage in France. Marital quality in Sweden. Of all the countries you visited with which country give you an advice that was the most counter intuitive the most surprising. I have to say that that polygamous tribes a talks in Africa blew everyone else out of the water. And what they taught us suspect in the states so often we go often these tribes of two it's just two of us thinking it's us against the world. And the fact of the matter is we need a community we need people to support us to bolster us. But then on the other side of that you have these very fancy French women. We're counseling me to be my husband's mistress and to really think about the two of us and that. New way and make sure that you choose him and you choose an adventure in your marriage Iverson back. The thing I loved the chapter with the French women they're sort of surprising. And it's interesting because they're extremely independent I think sometimes we worry about being. Feminist but also being independent how do you even how does independent woman get married. And send her whole life with a man the best advice that I got is that when you get married you don't become one. It's complete BS think that you become one person. You have to say independent you have to traveling around. The French taught me that you should sleep one night a week without your spouse to make an issue. To make them remember how good it is when you're there just another long ago in another room to spend the night tick on a business trip travel alone. So that you come back to the marriage with exciting interesting things defect. And I think one of the things I learned from all of the cultures is the thing that killed a marriage. Is boredom and we can choose to be bored or we can choose to actually make marriage a really fun adventure. An honest and venture with nick with her new husband what did you get the best advice the most applicable biased that you're putting in your life. Every day everything about it so we met this crazy marriage therapist in the jungle of Mexico. Who gave us this really useful advice that. Every night before got a bad we actually talked to each other for five minutes. The other person can't talk but just listen for five minutes and best pop it's a really hard but it's more about the listening that it is about the talking. And it helped us get out all of the things that we're weird or strange that we didn't know we wanted to talk about. Early on our marriage and it's been great we've been doing it since the day after we got married. Love it give us not just brides and grooms and newlyweds or really anyone and in a marriage your best five tips that you learned on its journey. So the French are very serious that you should close the bathroom door to many Americans are not closing the bathroom door hot and it leads to again. Boredom in a marriage when you're too close with your spouse. Sleep apart. At least one night a week. Keep talking that talk about the things that are weird and strange and uncomfortable before they get weird strange and I'm comfortable. Travel without your spouse stay here on person. And take care of yourself before you even tried to take care of another person and dollar sweat and swear you're very sexiest lingerie job saying you know. If you want to spice up your marriage how to be married is it available in bookstores and on Amazon now back to you. That's when single appliance Nikki. And when my degree sweat pants Soledad have a paper that was and is there Alison that is so well meaning and I love the lot of that Atlanta. Tack to me when things get a little bit more complicated talked to me sister when you've been there for decades yes for hang IRNA a year yeah and. Mets five minutes of talk at the end of the ending today I'm asleep at a time I had bought how well. One tip to she didn't. Do you not listen to be on season lemonade and expect to happen. Yeah. Boy who make that made it to you know lemonade.

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{"id":46931982,"title":"How to live happily ever after","duration":"5:13","description":"Jo Piazza, author of \"How to be Married,\" describes the secrets behind a long lasting marriage.","url":"/WNN/video/live-happily-46931982","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}