How to make Beef Wellington

With the royal wedding just around the corner, ABC News' Will Ganss got the inside scoop on what might be served at event.
6:09 | 05/18/18

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Transcript for How to make Beef Wellington
We are closing at 24 hours until the west thing time to talk about most important part of that wet. All right so we got the dress down gap got our fancy hats we got the etiquette down. Oh yeah had a drink proper tea and now Federline had eaten yellow yes we sent will Ganz in his tiniest of shirt. Find out just look like you stop at the baby gap on the way there. Find out about nobody to aspirin voice model. Or through yeah. I got a hit wasn't easy but I did find the most British dish out there and not only did I find it I learned how to make it. Yeah. You already know Queen Elizabeth and we love the duke and duchess of Cambridge. You ever heard of the royal third yield yeah. That's mean and as Prince Harry and negative articles on official. And uninvited wedding guest I took it upon myself to do some royal reception menu plan. First stop in the culinary quest Lilly's Victorian establishment right here in New York. So would step Christmas blessing and headed to the kitchen. And mailed it which because we're British as can be an honor of the royal wedding was roughly. 987. Degrees Celsius don't check that math but it turns out that a lot of heat is exactly what you need to make it perfect peace well it's. So this test flight to speculate just yet Harry and Megan's wedding day menu. The holy Grail. Is apiece street half on the outside and a layer for shootaround and a mushroom mixture. All wrapped around a perfectly cooked piece of. Which was where are looking at ventures started doing what we wanna do it is we want us here. The long point and just get color on the outside because remember we're going to be putting this kind of going back into the oven after searing two lovely pieces of meat. On to the mushroom mixture. So here we have our mushroom -- cell mixture we have three different types of mushrooms that have been processed in our food processor throw the minute hand with canola oil salads and just the right amount of Rosemary you really have to be very careful with Rosemary there are few things. And the culinary world that if you overdo it you can really really really ruin the meal. So access Rosemary definitely. Invited to the royal wedding of nude. Sorry our mushroom mixture spends a few minutes in the skillet enough time to remove the excess moisture then we're off to a part of the kitchen to begin combining our ingredients. Still this did she would say it's something that. People attending the royal wedding might be able to expect on. Harry and Megan's menu I would say absolutely I'd say there's about a 75%. Chance that this will be served at the royal wedding. Which is like a hundred -- when he in Celsius. Again don't check that math. Anyway I channeled my inner Paul Nash and painted our beef with a beautiful coat of Dijon mustard. Next up rolling the Wellington. Just by one of the most important parts of the making beef Wellington you've ever seen somebody make a sushi roll were kinda doing the same. Exact thing. Totally fed giant British sushi roll so with the decision of the royal guards chef Chris rolled are going to and it's ran rap as tight as can be. It so. Packed in there it's gotta be tight get it right it is tight that's right. And OK everything out of the way probably. And placed it in the fridge is cooling compact itself for twenty minutes. After pulling it out an unraveling the Saran wrap carefully it was time to outer puff pastry death. Complete with an egg wash that I interpreted with artistic excellence. So you want to start all the way from the back and very gently roll. Towards the front. We're gonna trimmed down here and then you're gonna cram your edges here so here we have a beautiful piece. Wellington if you wanna do the honors and put the finishing solved right over the top channel later solve that yes channeling an assault they get sassy with that. Start high we'd like to start by and let loose because then you get even distribution of solved. Boat coming for you Queen Victoria physically me. And we're done over here maybe this is why I didn't get my site to the royal wedding. So maybe all of in royal wedding after a Rio chop up next arm but that's okay after some time in the oven I could have my own royal feast fit for a king. Right here at lilies with some special yes. We've got the beef Wellington up here we've got it it spreading I did invite some friends to come no pressure at all stunning. Beautiful. Beautiful. Medium rare with you guys main. They both look really. Happy but would they still be happy once we tasted it would I need time to find out now we have we show you ago. It's really that. It's really guide I'd considered a job done quite well certainly. Throw in a British cocktail or in my case mocked tail pulled a veil of roses and add the world's most delicious meringue. And it's a meal fit for oil I'm having my desserts still and I'm going to be happiness were flocking to keep serving. For some reason I didn't and that anti hate cheers are paid through tears Gerry Adams thing into. And dust through his. His dad is still yeah. Did. Days will rest some presidents like this beautiful cake this hate smells happy fun and he's the main thing except Chris within that could take and it tell us they have the cake yet it's the same flavors they'll have tomorrow at the actual reception really lend an elder flower. Wow that is about a British as a cancer and Anguilla. Sears is eleven elder flower because while the mix is next great food.

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{"id":55255629,"title":"How to make Beef Wellington","duration":"6:09","description":"With the royal wedding just around the corner, ABC News' Will Ganss got the inside scoop on what might be served at event. ","url":"/WNN/video/make-beef-wellington-55255629","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}