National Catfish Day

For National Catfish Day, ABC's Tina Trinh heads on over to New York's Delta Grill on a lesson on how to cook up some savory catfish.
3:11 | 06/25/15

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Transcript for National Catfish Day
Catfish it's a stable staple of southern cuisine not just because it's meteor and can take all the bold flavors of the south but because. You can hop in the water and just how wonderfully Doris. That's how we alligator did erupt the necessary here not even fishing lied to for break and up so let's head into the insomniac kitchen with ABC's Tim trip. On this very special day for catfish. It and national happy and celebrating something happening to win cash. I hate and in. Case and all different kinds of crimes. That's right we're making a difficult catch this will be the blackened catfish and it's been on the menu for about seventeen years as long I don't know. The really cool yeah right and found absolutely. Didn't. Start with my my and doing sausage which is a spicy sausage ones aren't doing sausage mascot little bit of. Press I'm a go ahead at some fresh crawfish tail me. Now what I've got here's what we call such attacks would just corn and Lima beans anything red bell peppers and green bell peppers. To add that some might make sense I think. This is my house creole spices that too many things I could name in the letter really makes this come alive some guy had what. Some nice quiet and it really just balances does not have a lot of balance. At this point I'm actually ready to add a little bit of frame oh it's about a half a couple cream which. Right to arson attack because the spices were struck because me and do we saw. Hank and across the sort of has its own personality green sort of right there that cuts and and still brings everything together. I'm gonna go ahead and use the same creel spies on mine catfish. I think. Stayed very catfish here. He goes right to our black beans fill it with the cast science I don't at all. This is gonna go into Ireland and. Or about five to six minutes. Okay. So you black yeah. Residents. Exact. That rate on. Beautiful. The good news that it tastes even better than it looks as always my goal. All across. Ending in I think in a backpack. That's happened. Into. Are some trying to alert chemist at the dark side effect that's a it's very finicky about catfish because he's seeing what they in the wild. They are delicious my days living believes I seen what these guys in this fantastic so isn't the for compressing catfish yet he's in the frank kept its fingers there may then the twins catfish look beat. Yeah we have funded our round. In the music happens probe was all amazing everything delta grove they hooked us up and others this is a really good reason to come back to the government.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"For National Catfish Day, ABC's Tina Trinh heads on over to New York's Delta Grill on a lesson on how to cook up some savory catfish.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32015921","title":"National Catfish Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-catfish-day-32015921"}