Newest Calvin Klein Model: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to model for designer Calvin Klein.
3:04 | 01/07/15

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Transcript for Newest Calvin Klein Model: Justin Bieber
What time now for the study it topping our headlines this morning America's newest celebrity to Wear. The ski to pick. Justin Bieber is now joined the ranks of the make of celebrities. The model for designer Calvin Klein whose ships down a new series of black and white ads these are released yesterday this is mama know he has any tattoos he's he put teeth when he won new teammate Carl. And even when mama knows now OK well the names as a great hopes in this shots to witness FaceBook page. Riding eight and ends. The teacher. Hash tag by the way it's hash tag might dash Calvin says he's not the first ones kind of in the lead group here. Because more he mark start this thing often end up. Absolutely. Actor Mark Wahlberg causing question remember that during his march to mark this. Back in the 1990s or the result so even and actor Antonio Sabato junior he just like the dancing with the story didn't end there isn't Gizmodo and. The guy from twilight hits him right there Kellan Lutz. He's also been a part of it is so who's stood out of the group we get to vote what would rank those for you do so I would put them all at number one. Come on now don't be so don't. They look what's to complain about. They're doing could actually see this they have the same physique as you well I think he would do well there you know we're Calvin them. Don't ask. I'm I could tell and a somewhat journalistic integrity temperature IQ that what you resisted mirror I didn't resist here this job rim and up on the show that the next up another mega celebrity. Making big news for attending gauge married up missing then yes this is what about a feeling in here rapper areas that offer any explanation by the surprise ceremony but here is sharing this audience to grab photo. Of him is longtime girlfriend now wife but that's ludicrous they're seeing their government levels sources tell. All right the happy couple that this'll bring a lot of happiness the folks aware now throughout in three days but who's counting until the latest and greatest. Forget the peanuts movie company that's right fox has unveiled the newest trailer for the film. Which features new being his sidekick would stop and it won't work to apply may summer Perry. And a I am so excited about this fun. I loved him this is a sure carted. Absolutely have to cross generational moment here we all gonna wanna see this yellow. Hits theaters maneuver elusive so neighborhood in three days. Reports that now time to check out his Bolingbrook they can't to death at a birthday include singer can log and turning 67 years old are reading colleague Katie Couric turns fifty. Celebrity designer Christian who we thought turning 52 an actor and Nicolaus page turns fifteen behind the big happy birthday every one of.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to model for designer Calvin Klein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28050409","title":"Newest Calvin Klein Model: Justin Bieber","url":"/WNN/video/newest-calvin-klein-model-justin-bieber-28050409"}