Oscar-inspired cocktails to spice up your viewing party!

Rewatch your top Academy Awards moments with these Hollywood-inspired recipes by America's CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer - Tim Laird!
5:52 | 03/05/18

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Transcript for Oscar-inspired cocktails to spice up your viewing party!
Jimmy Kimmel and a few friends. As trashing a movie theater there and you can see some of the page and coming out of the movie I don't think anybody finished watching a wrinkle in time no there there were there for that special screening of a wrinkle in time and just said look what we need badly. Over there on the big screen they walk again I don't think. The fans wherever they really disappointed in that we can look the dot had a bunch of hot dog on. I don't part of the movie theater we have our own party are higher in the after party lounge Tim Laird chief entertainment officer is here with us. And the stimulus and you have a few Oscar he's or gritty cop film I've really I really do Diana can just great to be here in the world news. For our. Oscar party bar. Visually set up here and of course we talk about Oscar's gotta talk about celebration. I've got a classic cocktail that dates back and many of the old movies if you ever watched cast a blank got. They're all we can't ordering you can't very limited Judy there always ordering a champagne cocktails but thought OK yeah how to make that it. Typically starts out and the use these coop classes that was the glass is style of the time for champagne a sugar cubes. A couple of dashes of bidders goes end and then you simply topped that with campaign how many Islam or bell brought here. And this. Is that classic. Chancellor I wanted to avoid the bidders the bidders was always in that you don't actually be would have been a sugar cocktail. Was spirit of mankind water triggered jitters over our lives. Actually started out for medicinal purposes but that it worked his way. I've ever really ahead and added I'm here has. About a 21 issue as a chicken dissolving a free up capital a fountain of bubbles and yeah. It was really purple bubble to come out but it just gorgeous and that is easy it is an attack like this Bill Clinton back in style today itself what was old is new again. As you look at that the old part. Girl like well yeah that you don't think it. We. What is old is new. Is that serving this up with a little bit of suburban park on fiber benches con. Still lives patty make this. All it out they let disposed gray was GPO does a little bit of our little army out of there at a course of chocolate and it is delicious it's a nice combination what are. That celebration that it is just perfect Olympic. I'm of the tribe just silhouettes literally throwing this party all morning long elaborate have to do you peril series cheers cheers cheers. We austerity ask your Monday folks here happy after. Lighting us citizens it's really well lit the can just demon just a little bit cycle. Don't go back to accordance this. It's the life. 3939. Week tonight. 3838 yes yes that's been no 35 minutes its contacts they expect. Kinda late then I really best that's proof that they were to reach Fred that's component not. Look at and I get back into my not when he C 2827. Bruins went. About twenty that crosses Phillies expand investment we're Bartlett is there an eight yeah lead you can't pack doesn't look even better. Oh food back here it's like closing you know. I can't believe the barn ounce bottle but that could in time here we got our chief entertaining officer Tim Laird in the house and he had a very special cop I didn't have a. That's a cocktail listened Oscars oversight thought this is an appropriate cocktail called gone with the wind RA Oscars. Gone with the wind this year but I tell you what it's kind of a bout of the south that starts out what about an ounce and a half what for reserve fervent very southern thing to do. That was a good else there. I felt like I was gonna help me out OK here goes the and that's candy isn't it also yeah I have a different measures anybody else I love my kids and then that kind of again now. With the win peach nectar course other Georgia peach and then about three ounces of ice team goes in salons weeknight see if Melanie give us about it. Change does please. What do you what do you but I see it out more LA but I tell you give us the goods are and now. We're gonna give this a nice stern and this is so delicious and of course opt to serve the stuff with something southern to its biscuits country ham. A little comment goat cheese only a site that is right here or you've been. Have that absolutely let them so here does them at a pour this in a glass of ice. Of course you have your own yet tip tip well 00 yeah Altria sorry that's all right the way the wet court that I think no also get that line. He's. That was that was that it's fair rules are concerned we have this dude all details given dropped now that's that extra kicked up. And did we're very. Over the open this door so loony thing that the cross I'm gonna try to in his right. I'll. What are I don't believe the coming from the whole adult monkey beat you straw I don't think seller at fifteenth and when he did live to describe how that is no tears he isn't great Oscar everybody here. Parents going up. The morning all of you go wrong camera yeah we'll be right back. Ranariddh everybody. It's some.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Rewatch your top Academy Awards moments with these Hollywood-inspired recipes by America's CEO - Chief Entertainment Officer - Tim Laird!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"53525103","title":"Oscar-inspired cocktails to spice up your viewing party! ","url":"/WNN/video/oscar-inspired-cocktails-spice-viewing-party-53525103"}