The Rolling Stones Hit America 50 Years Ago

On June 5, 1964 the Rolling Stones played their first American concert.
3:09 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for The Rolling Stones Hit America 50 Years Ago
I begin this throwback Thursdays skinny with a trip back to 1964. -- up on this very date fifteen years ago these. Five I'm looking kids in the UK that they are to come -- first performed on American soil. They -- The Rolling Stones back on June 5 1964 that they performed in San Bernardino California. Tickets five bucks. How fast forward to 2014 make -- in the -- still filling stadiums. They rocked it last night in Tel Aviv. The latest stop -- their current world tour Israel's main newspaper calling Michelle ethic not bad for you guys who are seventy years -- -- Fifty years later this runoff. Seven years old -- and they can still rock and no doubt about it and how much those tickets go. The -- of five bucks -- right meantime the stars of country music had their moment to shine between fourteen CMT music awards took place last night. And one of the various -- was also one of us news. Moments 24 year old Cassidy -- one of breakthrough video of the year. -- was the champion season three of the voice and her very first country music award was presented by her coach Blake Shelton. The show then turned into a family affair when Shelton himself won best male video. A bit later his wife Miranda Lambert won for female video of the -- Carrie Underwood took on the top prize for video of the year. Lindsey -- country music fans who do. Double. Cheney anti Gadhafi stuff they're not really even if the devil. -- let -- himself for awhile and then developed a new birth of my first went down there is like but it's -- acquired -- -- Jenny from the block. Back on the block last night in the -- Jay love came home for the first ever concert in New York City. -- she was born. Turnout wasn't exactly overwhelming but it was enthusiastic. For the free concert. Lopez looked -- is always changing her outfit for nearly every number and yes and she closed the show by singing Jenny from the block. Don't be fooled by the -- that -- -- About a rocks at a -- she looks good next step doctor Drake -- completed the purchase of the California state bill. -- patriots quarterback Tom Brady and supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Yup the mobile paid a cool forty million dollars of the five bedroom nine bathroom mansion and its surrounding grounds. Of course he's selling his beats electronics apple for three billion dollars plus plus got that -- -- -- apparently got a deal that property had been listed at fifty million dollars at the end of the a lot of little cheaper than that. -- has quite the -- him but here's a look at which celebrities are celebrating a birthday today indie rocker Laurie Anderson turned 67. Saxophone was Kenny GM he's 58 he stands for by the way that -- -- You know that. All right singer turned rapper turned actor Mark Wahlberg Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch of those needs -- -- that I 1990 turns forty -- And actress Lisa while -- Gilmore Girls is 37 years old happy birthday every.

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{"id":24004298,"title":"The Rolling Stones Hit America 50 Years Ago","duration":"3:09","description":"On June 5, 1964 the Rolling Stones played their first American concert.","url":"/WNN/video/rolling-stones-hit-america-50-years-ago-24004298","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}