'Science Guy' Bill Nye Gets the Boot

The television scientist is the latest to be eliminated from "Dancing With The Stars."
3:42 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Science Guy' Bill Nye Gets the Boot
-- -- time Dancing With The Stars time. -- -- Drum roll somebody's not -- -- -- -- -- Very popular. Bill Nye the Science Guy and how -- Take a look at his. Last stance. I dig out the -- center. I got be -- you know then that this -- two months they're just a little too gimmicky. I think I think that's probably weight -- A lot of people really love them okay that's -- the -- -- -- The very bottom in Bellingham Hoover got a lot of big stacks and this is not. -- -- to some other people looking. Am sorry not on yeah anymore right now yeah and 10 PME 27 -- in the top that kept -- Totally great and Kristi and mark they have 265 away. About 25 -- -- between. Day now other couples to be -- yeah. They look at boosting that college main thing. The husband she's a singer and she has choreography and everyone of her show than they inherited setting where she's dissident -- a little more. Yeah out. Bill I sign is carrying what -- like tiny -- a ballroom. Yeah agreed to be on the show -- yeah. I think you might have known he was gonna -- for -- LA I'm. Isn't yet another little bit of video to show you this is on Funny or Die it's actually pretty funny if you ask me this is Jennifer Hudson taking off. Taking -- -- -- the year old and -- Washington's character on this -- jobs. As if she does not hold things don't park benches -- -- -- Kerry Washington doing in her role -- Olivia Pope on scandal and she. Who runs all of clearly she's you know she's trying to be very. Serious in her role and it's just hilarious. -- has -- -- Me I'm the one with the scandal that needs to be -- stand. My company held here the doesn't cover mammograms. -- AC -- comes this beautiful ones. Scandalous coming this fall it's like to -- scandals visit health -- dot gov for more information. It's like this show but it. Is non relatives next that essentially this is all trying to get people over to the health care dot com website which is -- -- it's kind of like a commercial really. For Obama care about it -- talk about a Tweeter and a guy you wouldn't think would do this Warren Buffett the fourth richest man in the war. Big breaking bad fan. So we -- -- adding I think he's done well in his life. He -- -- this picture of him like basically the lead character Bryan Cranston they're pretty good record -- now 82 years old looking pretty much like the live. And that is coming from. -- -- -- -- -- On his kids Sharon that he then scratched in the mustache or did yeah I guess I did some. Sensitive for -- much your butt who would who would think Warren Buffett right that's pretty -- pretty -- good -- Our concept is second to get to this -- responding to Miley Cyrus who -- just leave her about not ending up like. But now -- -- right he's seen she basically told Justin. You don't want to end up like -- -- Politely been -- like we don't rob and we don't -- he apparently took -- this is not that it -- a compliment that she was even mentioning him. So in a big and little -- -- hard he put Miley Cyrus on his feet much like sheep let Rolling Stones on her feet pastoral tattoos that hits -- --

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{"id":20428370,"title":"'Science Guy' Bill Nye Gets the Boot ","duration":"3:42","description":"The television scientist is the latest to be eliminated from \"Dancing With The Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/science-guy-bill-nye-boot-20428370","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}