Snow Monkey

Check out a cute baby monkey in a jacket playing in the snow!
1:20 | 09/06/13

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Transcript for Snow Monkey
Pride -- out it doesn't get any better than this is the big set up monkey. Can cope its maiden Judas video I've seen on the show to get all my -- -- I didn't know what I think. Yeah watching it up tonight and talk about a minute to Montana Tulsa -- -- and -- just check out. -- -- Toledo area had on the ground. And by the way this is courtesy. -- on the -- courtesy of Svetlana happy she may have fanned out -- hello hello hello -- yeah. Monkey on -- you did you potential -- just give -- stuff yeah. Martinez call. If anything that you'd like -- look at how Moses saying he'll get. Whenever it. That they fall -- the -- again Sunday gets stuck on the -- An -- not nearly as good as cute but very very schools that go out of British millionaire sir Richard -- -- You know he's he's got this -- thing going -- -- center is up into Japanese is emerging the last serious about it well is the last. Test. Flight Meredith broke that sound barrier you'll be able to take a polite if he wanted for 250000. Dollar I had this. Pretty awesome and I'm pregnant you might actually really happens next.

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{"id":20175001,"title":"Snow Monkey","duration":"1:20","description":"Check out a cute baby monkey in a jacket playing in the snow!","url":"/WNN/video/snow-monkey-20175001","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}