Steve Harvey Shows His Softer Side

Steve Harvey breaks down when a guest who helped fund his early career calls.
2:55 | 01/22/13

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Transcript for Steve Harvey Shows His Softer Side
Yeah. That'll never happen on -- -- and maybe world news tonight at every mention that. Real quick hitting a deer agers had a common you have to love Steve Martin is a common agreement talk show all it's doing really well and he just had a show on the air Vizio celebrating his 56 birthday. And as part of that show they had a man calling in who was instrumental in his early career when he was -- -- thirty years ago as a struggling carpet cleaner in Florida will this guy and his wife actually gave him the money that helped launch Steve's career take a look when I have only got called. -- and Steve show the public school. 26 years old -- struggle that nobody. And these people. The furniture store did you Amanda red apple deal like 111000 dollars just trying to -- -- -- make. Then it helped me out. -- I got money not rich. And he again showed that everyone starts somewhere -- never forget the people never get to where you are that was a moment and really -- isn't good people never forget is there anything that -- that -- along the way -- Britney Spears you know that she and Jason train wreck our farm manager broke up last week. And she broke up for the X-Factor now has this huge deal possibly. Isn't expected. Exactly well she. It was it -- -- an -- engagement ring on Monday replacing that. What 90000 dollar range with a small mobile -- and -- you California you have to return. The ring at the wedding is canceled under lock I support that law -- support this that he wondering about Lindsay Lohan apparently she's. -- it's a -- shot herself with -- George the boy band singer apparently that you are now. Dating her there at least fueling the rumors that -- -- -- Lindsay next together a miserable and peaceably with beautiful marriage and children and a wholesome life -- -- Yes for young Lindsey who all are not how we also have 7 NEWS to get to you and if any -- you want a photo of brown -- and -- would you. We we've been asking for this since I started over a year ago a picture of the two of us on set a glossy that we get autograph and -- dollar BO. Well -- they just arrived yesterday that we had the Justin Tyler. Cracked yeah PR department got right on it then a year later -- that. Early. Early I first got on a date on the job that hair salon and we should put it on -- and and then donate that. Point five cents to charities museum and -- actually be. 26 cents up -- get even with those tribal posts we'll -- -- want. This is ABC's world news now informing insomniacs for two decades.

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{"id":18282408,"title":"Steve Harvey Shows His Softer Side","duration":"2:55","description":"Steve Harvey breaks down when a guest who helped fund his early career calls.","url":"/WNN/video/steve-harvey-shows-softer-side-18282408","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}