Stranger Than Fiction: Japanese balloon bombs

Watch where you step! During World War II, the Japanese developed an unusual weapon to attack the American homeland and remnants of it can still be found here in the U.S.!
5:34 | 03/07/17

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Transcript for Stranger Than Fiction: Japanese balloon bombs
As a forestry worker and Vancouver Canada. Brad simmering here is used to strange encounters. Rob all. Or Adam. Air but he never expected what he found at work on October 8 the when he fourteen. Sought help. At all and done some electronic. Rule we. And craft Bradley later learned his discovery was actually a war weapon most Americans. I've never heard at unless you come from blight or get. We knew we were at war. But the thought of war coming right to our front door. Never injured any of our mind. In this interview for the 2008 documentary on paper wings. Diane Jordan still gets emotional thinking about may fifth and 1945. That's when her brother Sherman joined some friends for a picnic along with their pastor and his wife. And never came back. LC had found out that she was pregnant. She had. Planned not to go on this picnic with arch in. And the Sunday school class kids that morning just before they she said she was feeling good enough so that she. That. Go with them at a couple fed up with viva they're Sunday school students to gear Hart mountain Archie stopped his car. And LC and the kids got out. And he saw the kids and they hollered look what we found. They're on the ground was a giant deflated balloons in the one pictured has RG moved Torrington an explosion. He was vice hands I fire. And else's clothes but there was nothing Archie could do Halcion All My Children were killed almost instantly. By a Japanese balloon down. Is one of the big purple room. The device was one of thousands launched by the Japanese as part of a secret World War II plot as each balloon started losing altitude it would drop the sandbagging rise again. Finally ran out of sandbags balloon would trapped several bombs. Unit have been pounded areas patent from it. All the way south Mexican border. Reports of mysterious explosion started pouring in from all over the country. The to keep the Japanese from learning where the bombs were landing. The US government instructed the media not to report on the bonds uncle made easier by the fact that they luckily hadn't caused any major damage or serious injuries. Still the acting. Cor Connor then sixteen was working the towns which are. I was home not to. Leave the room not to talk to anybody. Not to let anybody and Archie said an LC have been killed in an accident. And he said I can't tell you anymore. We just presumed. That it wasn't known car accident. Officials from the nearby lakes naval base trying to contain the story that the people of client wanted to answers people started gathering. Up front and tell them. Room yelling she yeah yes we know that you know what's happening and you better tell us it's our kids need in no quake happened for a share. And to know that evening at 630. In the current home and just pass to him over to my mom's and told us. It was a Japanese balloon bomb that had exploded and we were all told not. To talk about this over the phone. It was not be put in the newspapers. Or on the radio or anything and a few days later the military lifted a censorship in hopes of preventing future tragedies but by then. The press had a much bigger story to focus on. But is the same day it was in the paper. About the war and king and costs about this balloon yeah you're German surrender. And this is David that. Maybe seven. Thinking it was a failure the Japanese abandoned the program and the story of the Japanese balloon bomb largely faded into the background. But it's not over the war department estimated anywhere from 600 to 900 balloons made it to North America and only 300 have been reported around. Meaning hundreds could still be out there. But it had been decades since one had actually been found until October 2014. What was your reaction when you finally learned what this lives. Surprise. We never heard it out on our Canadian bomb disposal unit destroyed the bomb the next day but for singling her experience has stayed with him and it's. An interesting part is it beat forty more. Or when I'm any advice for people hiking in the northwest. Art and don't worry about the blend on. Earth and. Billy can't hurt to watch your step.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"Watch where you step! During World War II, the Japanese developed an unusual weapon to attack the American homeland and remnants of it can still be found here in the U.S.! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"45957527","title":"Stranger Than Fiction: Japanese balloon bombs","url":"/WNN/video/stranger-fiction-japanese-balloon-bombs-45957527"}