Tony Awards highlights

ABC's Will Ganss talks to the biggest stars on the Tony red carpet and breaks down the night's biggest winners.
5:30 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for Tony Awards highlights
Big big big skiddie with a lot of singing hands down. A and it's not as Damon though neither of them singing and dancing. Unfortunately more than try to keep together we'll Levy to the pros on Broadway because last night they were honored at the Tony Awards and will hand as there heard all well. Well Jack Asian news ahead could. I had the best night of my life that happened tonight I just really I met you're really talking and jet and Connecticut magazine. Exactly. How will we were celebrating the biggest and brightest stars on Broadway tonight at the Tony Awards the 72 Tony Awards have lots of stellar performances. Show stopping surprises and this year a lot of emotional moment. As well the biggest nights winners tonight of course the band's visit which took home ten Tony Awards including best musical. Harry Potter and the curse child which went home with the award for best play and angels in America which won for best play revival. That's the band says that there but the standout moment of the night had to be a surprise performance from the drama department of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high schools takeoff take a look at that. I was watching this at home at. Do you. It sounded great experiences that amazing to see these kids being able to get out there and perform like they. Representing what they represent us they sound great and I write and this soloists that singing right now I was like whoa and you can see the audience still. And of course at the end of that performance standing ovation from everyone there at Radio City Music Hall very welcome there are these candidates from the school and learn. I've known as the high sometimes their classmates on Valentine's Day it was actually cool right before that they're drama teacher was awarded a special award from Carnegie Mellon. For what she did the day of the shooting hiding 65 students in her office it was yeah really moving but next. Dubbed -- baby he was born not to run to win. An alien was gone through. Yes Bruce Springsteen was honored with a special Tony. Tonight by his buddy Billy jewel in his other pal Robert De Niro was on hand to introduce his performance. But before he did that let a few expletives fly people about the president directed at the president and the thing that a lot of people orders and her. But senate contraceptive got a standing ovation it was actually audience really weird moment but the moment after this performance right here was intimate and emotional. And I'm sure priestly sold a few tickets to his show. Because of this yeah I didn't need any help you know it's sold out for the entirety of its run. Those though this year several Josh Groban. Did an amazing job and very funny opening duet joking about how neither of them have ever won any award at. No fatalities no means true though it was dishonest about tonight's about the losers and you it was really really dead and big tent. This center stage with a lot of other familiar faces who I got to talk to you. On the red carpet right before the shows let's take a look at some acts. So Josh. Your hosting tonight at. How are you feeling are you nervous are you excited all of the above all of the above I think that the dirty little secret is every single person you're talking to tonight is absolutely terrified. And you know their you know to have a bite out of one of my dear it's best friend since there to do this with. Makes all the difference she is such a light of inspiration and and brilliance and everything she does not want you to tell us something we don't know about who's out just from watching her on stage on screen. So what do about one not to accuse today when well read well I don't. I don't I don't care if I had a. A Red Bull and also string cheese she added cool I like best in her rider that certain. It's a different contract instead goes yeah agencies interest and they exactly. And finally Tina Fey was on hand to introduce a performance from the musical adaptation of her head film mean girls. And in classic Tina Fey fashion Tina patient. Files they get there she's not gonna want to live you should just move sorry here's Tina valued at. Bar tonight for best musical nominees are based on movies. But only one of these movies paid for my boats. So good right off were nominated for movie but only one pick for her folks. Yeah up front. Still about Tina it is I'll have so wasn't basically surprise. I honestly had never heard I don't know Broadway. Like the rest of this country was it a surprise the band's visit one. So the band's visit was like the breakout musical of the year you have huge names like frozen sponge Bob and mean girls that it had nominated again. But going into tonight I think band's visit was the favorite it. Does not actually really like this joke but I was surprised because I didn't know much about him even when I would. You also got free tickets like they were giving out tickets of the show wasn't like one of the hot tickets on bribery and Walt needs are giving them out anymore and that Tony award. It is and that. You got the guy that was in the TV show from you know we're back when monk you have to actually knows Carlo one that factor but good news nine the Tonys everybody.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"ABC's Will Ganss talks to the biggest stars on the Tony red carpet and breaks down the night's biggest winners.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"55805363","title":"Tony Awards highlights","url":"/WNN/video/tony-awards-highlights-55805363"}