Town Calls for More Men

A town in Brazil has just made an appeal for more single men.
2:56 | 08/28/14

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Transcript for Town Calls for More Men
Now -- mix and just in time for the Labor Day weekend elements summer fun. Didn't you gotta check out his video bike team Supertramp look at this fall with an -- -- thank god. Probably one of the things I mean when it cools things that scenes look like a ton of fun they have made a human capital. I -- -- -- Call BS -- rocky mountain -- -- at all these different angle that's fantastic taking. Up to -- -- feet in the air for the full amount and. A lot about that due to comply with the -- I think he might even in the act. Why can't win in the regulatory that would please ask why we got it on the son Mike and we take -- world is on location I I think his position that an exciting candidate you. Kind of -- hope that carry all that's awesome. Very cool very cool indeed. Still are very interest seen a very special. Honor at the white house with President Obama and vice president Joseph Biden. Commemorating. The oldest female. World War II veteran she's a 108 years -- take a look this very special meaning that they had there. It's almost a major film. I think. Heartburn yeah served in the army corps during World War II it's. -- chatting up there the president and his -- president -- give -- more than -- point. Offered viewers are saying I only give that to my good friends I'm really amazing now. This weakens or because they're -- I just love -- I did years. Pay attention all single guys out there if you're looking for love at this hour and yeah. I like Atlanta and have their parents. That's why not. Yeah. He didn't have been a small town in southeastern Brazil has called noise and I don't quit don't Cordero and this is the reason why. All women it's an entire town of -- women's 600. Most of the age between twenty and 35 they are looking for -- -- she's beautiful. Wow so I guess -- a lot of guys move down there have been met some might want to get -- I think you're actually love this idea and -- your let you know later love or maybe you don't -- -- be at a town completely -- -- and I think it sounds cool off but yet interesting. Interesting interesting I'm not talking -- that you -- some people up and looking for love with us now never. Sorry. Lastly I love it did find itself out of tragedy this is -- very beautiful story that was born out of the Boston Marathon bombing last year. This is really amazing this is James Costello and -- that casinos they got married James. Was watching one of his friends run the Boston Marathon when he was hit with shrapnel. -- Met him in the rehab clinic. Worked him through all of his recovery that removes some of the shrapnel and they are now married together in wishing them the very best.

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{"id":25156114,"title":"Town Calls for More Men","duration":"2:56","description":"A town in Brazil has just made an appeal for more single men.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-town-calls-men-25156114","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}