3-year-old's daily affirmations

ABC's Will Ganss talks to Scarlett and her mom about the adorable ritual that's inspiring millions.
2:55 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for 3-year-old's daily affirmations
I am loved I move that thing and cherish and moves. I have fun. That daily affirmations one mom is sharing with her daughter. I'm yeah for a similar UP. Those words of encouragement have always been a part of little scarlet slight. I always told her. You are beautiful. I love your round he and loved here her all but she only started repeating and recently after her third birthday back in March. With everything all right now I'll fight and I'm hurt me. Feel call minutes and her. That I know that. These school and I and our around someone who's not life or someone. Is our. On Beatles and I asked my girls ordinance. A message that Monty and I figured all of us could use cheering videos of the duel with daily affirmations on into granite tick tock and quite a few of us. Started to watch. We won't. Yeah yeah you know yeah and. Nearly four million like something talk alone and still many excited to start the practice in their own homes teen moms have three. So grandmother. And women at. EIR. Blitz magnate. That's yeah. Sperm count won't even in those moments when she could sing and it mommy you're so beautiful audience that it what does that feel like he muttered. All he's are they today. Like about your hair out and and it hurt me like and got light. Flat what I do grandkids there is some kind as for Scarlett when she's not being the world's most adorable social media superstar. You can find her and. All yell at. Or teaching reporters some Montrose that barrel. Not the X and here. She cracks me up well when Scarlett goes up she says she wants to be a doctor or a firefighter suffered now we can all see she's perfectly content just being herself. Fierce and beautiful and brainy. Oh my gosh yes she is all the above so are you well. That I believe that a negative self talk is enough to get as down imagine the power. That positive apps. Nation positive affirmations well thank you so much when it comes and affirmations a thing about our friends and a Norman Wesley shared a couple months ago about affirmations that she and her son. Do everything on Michael for years the bed. And at the bury it he just yells I can do anything and he sure can she's raising a strong little boy act.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"ABC's Will Ganss talks to Scarlett and her mom about the adorable ritual that's inspiring millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72184734","title":"3-year-old's daily affirmations","url":"/WNN/video/year-olds-daily-affirmations-72184734"}