Category 2 Hurricane Dorian lashing East Coast

The storm is delivering dangerous winds and blinding rain as it moves closer to Florida and the Carolinas.
1:41 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for Category 2 Hurricane Dorian lashing East Coast
very busy Wednesday night. And we begin with hurricane Dorian. It's taken days to get here, but it's here. And authorities are warning of life-threatening storm surge. Take a look at the hurricane right now. The current satellite. Dangerously close to the Florida coast. It will be felt in south Carolina by the morning and in titusville, Florida, today, sparking power lines. Tonight, the U.S. Coast guard on the ground in the Bahamas, landing to help so many in desperate need there. And this evening, the images. Now that our team is back in Nassau, we can see the devastation. One survivor saying, it's like a bomb went off. Let's get right to rob Mars Yan nope, live with the newest track tonight. Rob, good evening. Reporter: Good evening, David. We are looking at a storm that is now strengthening. Check it out on the satellite I'm concerned about the path of this storm. The eye is getting more organized. Just 140 miles south of Charleston and heading in that direction with 110-mile-per-hour winds. Nearly a category 3. It will come close to Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Potentially making landfall tomorrow night across north Carolina. Hurricane warnings are posted for all the Carolina coastline. That front is going to help push the front out to sea, but hopefully sooner rather than later. In the morning, Charleston and Myrtle Beach get close to hurricane conditions. Watch as the center gets closer to that coastline. Wilmington, nags head and by Friday morning, even Virginia seeing some effects from this. We have storm surge warnings from Virginia down to north Florida. The car lies thats will see shorter, but much larger impacts over the next 48 hours. David? Rob, thank you. Tonight, as I mentioned, there is an urgent effort under

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"The storm is delivering dangerous winds and blinding rain as it moves closer to Florida and the Carolinas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"65393723","title":"Category 2 Hurricane Dorian lashing East Coast","url":"/WNT/video/category-hurricane-dorian-lashing-east-coast-65393723"}