Coast Guard paychecks held hostage by shutdown

Also, an IRS worker applied for unemployment but was told it could take 30 days or more to get an answer because technically she has a job.
2:32 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for Coast Guard paychecks held hostage by shutdown
Next tonight, of course, day 26 now of the government shutdown. And house speaker Nancy Pelosi is now asking president trump to postpone his state of the union address, citing security concerns during the shutdown. We'll have more on that in a moment. But tonight, the unpaid workers, many for the TSA, the coast guard, the irs, so many government workers, now lining up for food. ABC's Steve osunsami in Atlanta. What do we want? Pay! When do we want it? Now! Reporter: Federal workers are out across the country telling their stories and demanding their paychecks. We bought a new house in June. Reporter: Mickey Mancha has spent eight good years with the TSA at love field in Dallas, and is working for free tonight. I'm a very strong person, very self-sufficient. And I have to tell my kids, I don't know where it's coming from. Reporter: This small Atlanta food bank is now feeding dozens of government workers. It's a little shame, a little -- you know, it's like some of them feel embarrassed that they have been pushed into this situation. Reporter: This woman, who didn't want us to share her name, works for the irs. She says for the first time in her life she applied for unemployment, but they told her it would be more than a month before they could help. It's hard to apply for unemployment when you still have a job. Isn't there somewhat an indignity to all of this? Oh, yeah. Working people don't expect to have to go through this. You know, I expect to be the one to help other folks. I don't expect to be the one helped. I really don't. Reporter: It's a tough day at the coast guard. They're the first service members whose paychecks are being held hostage by a government shutdown. No extra grocery trips, whatever we bought with our very last check is just going to have to last. Reporter: For this family in Connecticut, dinner tonight is coming from donated food from friends and neighbors. How about Mac and cheese for the kids? That works. Reporter: Help is coming from everywhere but Washington. So, let's get to Steve osunsami with us live tonight. We heard that story, the worker trying to apply for unemployment. She was told they don't have an answer for her, and that it would be, as you reported, a month before they even have an answer whether she's eligible? Reporter: That's right, David. The reason is that they're busy. She says she wasn't the only government worker in her unemployment office looking for assistance. All across this country, these workers, some who have jobs, are in unemployment offices all asking for the same thing. Help. David? Steve osunsami with us again tonight. Thank you, Steve.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Also, an IRS worker applied for unemployment but was told it could take 30 days or more to get an answer because technically she has a job.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60429432","title":"Coast Guard paychecks held hostage by shutdown","url":"/WNT/video/coast-guard-paychecks-held-hostage-shutdown-60429432"}