Coronavirus fears spur event cancellations

Local economies are also feeling the pressure, as spending declines nationwide.
3:47 | 03/13/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus fears spur event cancellations
Now to the major disruptions across the country tonight. Children coming home from school. Eight states canceling school in their states. Empty shelves and grocery stores and major sporting events canceled. Word coing in from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Matt Gutman with images from across the country. Reporter: Tonight, more signs of the worlds biggest economy creaking to a halt. Disney is canceling the production of all live-action films in the pipeline. Hours later, Netflix then Warner brothers following suit, halting productions in the U.S. And Canada. Universal and Disney shutting theme parks. The shutdowns are engulfing sports too. NASCAR and golf's masters, announced postponements today, joining nearly every major league sport -- the NHL, major league baseball and soccer and others, calling a timeout, including the NBA. The Utah jazz's Rudy Gobert tested positive after touching reporters' microphones after a news conference apologized but his team is testing dozens of people. The Boston marathon pushed to September and the ripples shutting down global economies today. In Washington state, businesses down 10%. The state hammered with over 30 conference deaths. Hotel spending down 50%. Restaurants down 30%. The threat of quarantine triggering panic. Shelves are stocked typically every night. With the supply chain screeching to a halt, shelves might stay Farmers aren't going get their work done. Truckers aren't going to be able the ship the food. Store shelves aren't going to be able to be stocked. Reporter: Nick Vyas is an expert on global supply chain. Is this biggest economic interruption? When dust settle, we will look back as major catastrophic event. Reporter: But economists seem to agree, there will be a recovery, a distant hope, brought nearer by the latest Instagram update from Hollywood's most relatable man, Tom Hanks, still in isolation after contracting the virus in Australia. Hanks encouraging fans to "The advice of experts and taking care of ourselves" and in a wink to his hit movie "A league of their own," reminding folks -- there's no crying in baseball. Matt Gutman joins you live. Matt, we want to get back to the graphic you and I showed earlier this week why officials are trying to slow this down, why the president declared a national emergency today. Many health officials say the U.S. Needs to do everything they can to flatten the curve. You so the dotted line. That's what hospitals can handle. That red shows the need spiking above what hospitals can handle. The thought being if we can slow it down we can keep it within what our health care can handle. I want the ask you if there's a run on supplies. People have seen the empty shelves across the country. If there's a disruption in the supply chain are there things governments can do to actually Reporter: We're already starting to see some of those federal government and state officials tell me that it's already happening -- national Guard deployed in, no. The governor of California issuing a executive order, allowing him to commandeer private property. And officials tell me they can deploy the military to prevent the supply chain and infrastructure from being

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Local economies are also feeling the pressure, as spending declines nationwide. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69590576","title":"Coronavirus fears spur event cancellations ","url":"/WNT/video/coronavirus-fears-spur-event-cancellations-69590576"}