Dylann Roof Found Guilty in Church Shooting

Roof, 22, killed nine parishioners in a church basement in the name of white supremacy.
2:44 | 12/16/16

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Transcript for Dylann Roof Found Guilty in Church Shooting
And we begin with that moment of justice in Charleston. Dylann roof, found guilty on every count after those nine worshippers invited him to join them in prayer in that Charleston church. The same jury will now decide if he gets the death penalty. And they'll make that decision, knowing the stories of each of his victims. ABC's Steve osunsami in that courtroom as the verdict was read. Reporter: That word, guilty, means so much tonight, to the families of the victims who crowded a courtroom on the fourth floor of this courthouse. To people watching across the country expecting to see justice. Hatred was on trial and it lost. Guilty 33 times. 22-year-old dylann storm roof was hauled away in this black van. Reverend Sharon Risher is the daughter of Ethel Lance, one of the nine people he executed in the basement of this historic black church, in the name of so called white supremacy. Mama. Mama. They got it right this time. They got it right. Reporter: Before their verdict, jurors saw again this backyard video. Roof recorded it himself. Prosecutors told jurors to watch how he practiced with the phonebook. They say that's how he killed many of the parishioners. Standing over them as he shot them dead. Felicia Sanders was one of the three people praising the lord tonight that she survived. She watched roof kill her aunt and her son. He said he didn't have any friends, but he had nine friends sitting in the church that night. Reporter: Prosecutors say he laughed about the shooting nine times in this FBI confession. What kind of gun did you use? A Glock .45. Reporter: But he wasn't laughing today. He stood silenty, while families wept. In the words of prosecutors, "He chose to take their lives. He chose to break their bodies. But he doesn't get to chose who they were." They were more than black Americans, they were mothers and sisters, fathers and brothers. The type of church folk who would tell a killer that they forgive him at a court appearance. We have no room for hate, so, we have to forgive. Reporter: But some of families tonight begged us to make this clear, many of them want him to die. And Steve osunsami with us tonight from Charleston. Steve, the next step, of course, the jury deciding whether he gets the death penalty, and dylann roof is representing himself? He'll be able to question witnesses and survivors? Reporter: The answer to that question is yes, David. He'll be able to question the two survivors who testified here at trial. But I can tell you, after having met them, that they will be able to more than hold their own. Roof is fighting the death penalty. That was his big argument from the start, and that fight begins here in earnest in January. David? Steve osunsami covering the case from the start.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Roof, 22, killed nine parishioners in a church basement in the name of white supremacy. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44226025","title":"Dylann Roof Found Guilty in Church Shooting","url":"/WNT/video/dylann-roof-found-guilty-church-shooting-44226025"}