An Exclusive Look Inside Hong Kong's Top Hotels

ABC's Kendis Gibson gives an intimate tour of the famous Upper House Hotel in the first international edition of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Kendis."
3:43 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for An Exclusive Look Inside Hong Kong's Top Hotels
I think sounds tough hits came outside and today there who it and they have unit apartment very well known exactly right that we dug into that this Geiger did it get so much. And hotels and then there are hotel yes and there are few places in the world where the hotels could actually be the destination. Such of course is a case in Hong Kong we spent. No expense literally not had died and now he's had executive it. I was I was a correspondent to produce heroes leaf producer of the audio person hair makeup artist he heard photographer from this latest weather kept saying yeah but if you're a hard time again. But sales of the Richard K if you. It is one of the world's most spectacular. Harbors the setting to practically. Every Jackie Chan movie you can think health and home to perhaps the world's tallest catwalk. A place with a penchant for quirky foods. None that would be chicken testicles a local treat. Done no. So where else to begin our first ever international lifestyles of the rich intent it's like yeah. In Hong Kong and lived there in place for David. Actually slept. It's told the house hotel and as I noticed commonly referred to work it's what we'll writer calls my house. He's in Hong Kong. Hello. Floor right Evan where. The. I just sweet as fancy as it gets but the biggest attention getter is not in the room. But the outside you. Three pitches 12100 sweat. Wow in the east the notches and it didn't come from three times the size of your heartburn yeah. At 5000. Dollars a night slot machine but though the anyhow yeah. Champagne but eat call me. Yeah this. Every room with floor to ceiling harbor views. Even the back. The English. Watch homeland. In the world you sell your home. The hotel caters to your every need whilst in the room agent reckless check treatment for breakfast yeah. Can you test. Room. In room manicure. Yeah. In the city of Hong Kong seemed to be built all around the and across Victoria harbor from the upper house there are no better music than the ones from the Ritz Carlton. Make enough time to get your room. 100. In three stories to the lobby in the clouds. You're inside the world's tallest mountain. He seemed sweet. Pepper game. The Ritz Carlton suite goes were fined 101000 dollars a night. Your own personal side. You may feel like a 120 degrees in here this feels like. Could've I had in here anyone will notice. They noticed. Don't think but that was kicked out.

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{"id":43896012,"title":"An Exclusive Look Inside Hong Kong's Top Hotels","duration":"3:43","description":"ABC's Kendis Gibson gives an intimate tour of the famous Upper House Hotel in the first international edition of \"Lifestyles of the Rich and Kendis.\"","url":"/WNT/video/exclusive-inside-hong-kongs-top-hotels-43896012","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}