Famed Model Beverly Johnson Joins List of Cosby Accusers

The supermodel alleges she was drugged by Cosby, saying the other woman gave her courage to come forward.
2:15 | 12/12/14

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Transcript for Famed Model Beverly Johnson Joins List of Cosby Accusers
Next tonight here, to an ABC news exclusive. An iconic model, the newest accuser to speak out against bill Cosby. Allegations of being drugged and dragged by comedian, decades ago. Revealing to us why she's adding her voice to the growing number of women. ABC's linzsey Davis with the interview. Reporter: Tonight, a fashion icon adds her voice to the chorus of women accusing bill Cosby of drugging them. The drug was very powerful. I mean, I was woozy, my speech was slurred. I knew that I was in danger. Reporter: Much like Cosby, Beverly Johnson has long been viewed as a transformative figure. The first black model to grace the cover of American "Vogue." And tonight, she comes forward with damning allegations -- back in 1986, she says, she was invited to rehearse at Cosby's New York home when he insisted on making her his special coffee. The second sip, I knew I had been drugged and I had been drugged really good. At which time, he placed his hands on my waist. Reporter: The supermodel says she started yelling and cursing. He was getting angry. He was pissed. He grabbed me by my arm and dragged me down the brownstone stairs. He threw me in a taxi. Reporter: Since last month, more than a dozen women have come forward, claiming they were drugged, sexually assaulted or raped by Cosby. In most cases, decades ago. Cosby's lawyers have dismissed the previous allegations, saying that accusers are "Coming out of the woodwork with fabricated or unsubstantiated stories." These women gave me the courage to come forward. Reporter: Does it make it different for a black woman to come out accusing a black man? This is the most difficult decision that I have ever made. I am, you know, calling out a black man, a revered black man and sometimes it's really hard to do the right thing. But this is the right thing to do. Reporter: Johnson says when she told friends, she realized this had been one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. She told me she has no plans to take any legal action against Cosby. We reached out to his lawyers, so far, no response, David.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The supermodel alleges she was drugged by Cosby, saying the other woman gave her courage to come forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"27545755","title":"Famed Model Beverly Johnson Joins List of Cosby Accusers","url":"/WNT/video/famed-model-beverly-johnson-joins-list-cosby-accusers-27545755"}