Families Lose Everything to Out-of-Control Wildfires Near Spokane, Washington

Fires have destroyed hundreds of homes and threaten thousands more.
1:56 | 08/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Families Lose Everything to Out-of-Control Wildfires Near Spokane, Washington
State of emergency in the west at this hour massive wildfires burning out of control we are also tracking severe storms set to hit in the middle of the country tonight. Flames burning homes to the ground to Spokane Washington families forced to evacuate some now learning they lost everything they left behind. ABC's play Nintendo back in the fire zone for us tonight Clayton. David these fires have left many people homeless here in Washington State at least forty homes and out buildings now look like this. But we did catch up with firefighters right on the front lines working very hard to try and save as many homes as possible snow across the west California organ Wyoming. Fires have destroyed hundreds of homes and are threatening thousands more in many many people are evacuated. And tonight more firefighters are headed to take on a massive blaze in Yellowstone National Park the park itself is open but some of the roads in and out of Yellowstone are shut down because of the fire. David Clayton thank you and from those wildfires to the severe storms I mentioned tonight from Minnesota to Oklahoma flash floods washing away roads. As drivers try to navigate for rushing waters near Santa Fe. As we also now hit peak hurricane season tonight we are tracking several tropical systems now brewing in the Atlantic. Let's get live to meteorologist rob Marciano tracking it all tonight force he robbed. I data will begin with a severe weather damaging storms across western Iowa check out the radar. Those storms now straddling thus the border with southern Minnesota and more storms popping across Kansas and Oklahoma tonight. We'll look for an explosion the storms and through Minneapolis and by tomorrow morning Chicago could see some travel through that city could be tough now to the tropics. Tropical storm guest on likely to become a hurricane tonight but that will sail to sea of greater concern is the storm approaching the northeast. A Caribbean islands are not sure about the strength of this but the steering current should bring it somewhere off the US coast by the end of the weekend and water temperature certainly warm enough to. Support at least tropical storm if not a hurricane. If it's rob Marciano with us tonight thank you run.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Fires have destroyed hundreds of homes and threaten thousands more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41603156","title":"Families Lose Everything to Out-of-Control Wildfires Near Spokane, Washington","url":"/WNT/video/families-lose-control-wildfires-spokane-washington-41603156"}