Families Without Power Brace for Cold Night

Over 2 million customers in New York and New Jersey without electricity, struggle to find gas.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Families Without Power Brace for Cold Night
lights came back on. But in so many other places, a very different story. Families were bundling up to keep warm in the bitter cold. Take a look. A baby suedele suedeled in the andlight. A family huddles for warmth in their home, choosing their own house over a shelter. And everywhere, there are those lines, waiting for even a few gallons of gasoline. And abc's alex perez has been out all day with the families, waiting. Reporter: In lower manhattan tonight, hundreds of new yorkers lined up for food. For many, the first hot meal they've had in days. But while the power is turning on right now, thousands throughout the region are still bracing for a very cold night. Here, a baby bundled up, surrounded by candles. A woman keeping warm by a makeshift help arriving in blacked out communities like staten island and the rockaways, where neighbors are planning for another night in dark homes. Really a dangerous, dangerous situation. And it's a real dangerous place in the dark. Reporter:1.3 million people are still without power tonight in new york. In new jersey, 1.5 million. Even those lucky enough to have generators are worried that gas is running out. Where there's a working pump, you'll find endless lines of people. Ben is one of them. Three hours, he's been waiting in this new jersey line to fill his two-gallon container. He's been using extra blankets to keep his baby son warm. It's freezing cold. Nights are not nice, you know, we have to go to places and warm up things and come back home. Reporter: From lines of people to lines of cars, stretched down both sides of a highway, waiting to fill up. Wow. Seven hours here already. Reporter: More than half the gas stations in new york city, long island and new jersey are shut down tonight. Many, because they have no power. But others are just tapped out. Complicating matters, sandy shut down new york harbor and most of the tanker refueling terminals. Tack on damaged roads, it's been hard to get gas to stations. So, there's a shortfall, shortage of fuel. There is one. Reporter: Tonight, new york's port is open for gas tankers. The governor easing regulation to get the fuel into the harbor. In new jersey, fema and the national guard are working with gas companies to supply empty stations. So, we're on top of the gas situation. Reporter: And that help could not come any sooner, diane. Even at this hour, there is still a long line of people waiting for gas here at this station in clifton, new jersey. The owner items me he got a full gas delivery early this morning. He expects to be completely dry within an hour. Diane? And we saw one of those people waiting rubbing his hands in the cold. Thank you, alex.

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{"id":17630267,"title":"Families Without Power Brace for Cold Night","duration":"3:00","description":"Over 2 million customers in New York and New Jersey without electricity, struggle to find gas.","url":"/WNT/video/hurricane-sandy-aftermath-families-power-brace-cold-night-17630267","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}