9 members of one family killed in duck boat accident: Police

There were 31 people aboard the boat on Table Rock Lake; the 17 dead are all between 1 and 70 years old.
3:17 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for 9 members of one family killed in duck boat accident: Police
you. We E following a major reat of thetorms hitting tonight. The track in a me but first, the death T rg from that lake tragedy in the middle of a storm last night. As branso Missouri. The death tollow 17 tonight, ages 1 T 70 ninebe samefamily. An amphibious duck boat in winds reaching 60 M an hour on that lake, and people watching helplessl nearby. You will hear fe man jumping into the wa E was Litt he could do. More than a dozen people trapped. They did have life vest but we don't know if they were wearing th orf itould have helped. Ab Victor oquenrom Anson. Reporter:ight investigators studying these harrowing images. The boat tossed around a Missouri lnts before sinks. Witnesses on a nearby dinner crui helpless as they watch the boat struggle to stay afloat undecrushing Wes Oh my gosh. Is he overheating? Reporter: 31 pe O duck boat on table rock lake when 63-mile-ahour winds whipped calm water into into six feet waves. Hos the water. Reporter: Passengers on another duck boat posting video from their trip appearing re but you can see the weather turn. And the crew of that boat scrambli, making I way to shore. The first boat unable stay afating beneatthe waves. Wed a waters will be noh the showboat. Wille a duck THAs psized. Repr: 40 minus at call, the weather RVice sending out a warning ofre thunderst. You can see those storms rolling in on the radar. But the arnder the teat of St since theorning. We're trying to dive for some more missing people as we're working on this. Reporter: Trent berh and help. We actually saw young lad who was laying in the water. We did eventually pu up onto the boat. She was unconscious. I T Ady to STA D the emt D show up that time. Or still injured. Thdi of 17 passengers recovered. Also L 9 members of one family of ctims ranging in arm E Todd Dennison today searching for his missing mother. My daht is in the hospal safe. My mother, that's why I'm here. To G and see. Reporter: The president Ripley entertainment who owns the tour company the oper has a goosafety cord. But he says that storm came out of the -- out of nowhere. It shldn't have been in the water if what happened happened. Rr:t clear if lifejackets were worn, but you can see can seem boat B they're N required be worn. Tonight, the mayf Branson, Missouri helping a heroken community. The best I can tell yous that, you know, they're all coping and they all dealing with things. Just a horribl story. Victor joins us now F la. Victor know the NTSB, fel investigors on E sound start their ligation. Reporr: And David, they will be taking a close look at the boat's Cano in 1999, there was another duc at accent. 13 people were Ed, and that canopy trapped peopl side. Oo early to tell if that's what happened here. On Monday, they will pull the boatut of this lake. Thank you. That severe weather in Branson, part of the same snow threatening tornadoes tonight.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"There were 31 people aboard the boat on Table Rock Lake; the 17 dead are all between 1 and 70 years old. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56724699","title":"9 members of one family killed in duck boat accident: Police","url":"/WNT/video/members-family-killed-duck-boat-accident-police-56724699"}