2 men detained in Jussie Smollett investigation released

Chicago police are saying the information obtained from the two brothers has "shifted the trajectory" of the investigation.
2:48 | 02/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 men detained in Jussie Smollett investigation released
And we begin tonight with the breaking news as we come on the air. The major developments in the alleged attack on actor jussie smollett. Police now saying they urgently want to speak to him. Investigators saying new information has, quote, shifted the trajectory of their probe. Officials today letting go the two men first spotted right here on these surveillance images, saying that are no longer potential suspects. Here's ABC's erielle reshef with the new details just coming in. Reporter: Tonight, a major development. Police saying they want to speak with jussie smollett urgently. This, after these two men were released from custody. Chicago police saying information obtained from these two brothers during their interrogation has "Shifted the trajectory" of the investigation. Those men no longer considered suspects. Did jussie smollett set this up? You know, there's still a lot of moving parts to this, so I am here for my clients. And I had a job to do specifically for them. I'm not part of jussie's defense. Reporter: High-profile criminal defense Michael Monico saying he's been hired by smollett. Monico has also represented Michael Cohen, president trump's former fixer. I think what people need to hear is just the truth. Reporter: Those brothers in the surveillance video arrested Wednesday upon landing at o'hare airport from Nigeria. Questioned by detectives as their home was raided -- computers and cell phones seized. Authorities looking at their phone records to figure out if they spoke to or saw smollett the night of the alleged incident. Police saying the men have a relationship with smollett. One of them appearing as an extra on "Empire." Detectives telling ABC they have not found video evidence of anyone else at the scene. The latest twist in the case comes weeks after smollett reported he was a victim of a vicious homophobic assault. In an interview with our robin Roberts this week, smollett slamming those casting doubt on his story. Who the Would make something like this up? Or add something to it, or -- or whatever it may be? I can't -- I can't even -- I'm an advocate. All right, erielle reshef joins us now live on set. Smollett had told our robin Roberts that he believed those men in the surveillance images what are police saying about their attempt to speak with smollett. After the interrogation of those two men, the police contacted smollett's attorneys for a meeting. They tell us, quote, we made our intentions clear. They say they're now waiting to hear from smollett's attorneys.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Chicago police are saying the information obtained from the two brothers has \"shifted the trajectory\" of the investigation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"61125612","title":"2 men detained in Jussie Smollett investigation released","url":"/WNT/video/men-detained-jussie-smollett-investigation-released-61125612"}