An Off-the-Cuff Papal Blessing

Pope surprises crowd with an unscripted speech this Palm Sunday.
1:12 | 04/13/14

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Transcript for An Off-the-Cuff Papal Blessing
David? Alex, thank you. Surprise from pope Francis on this palm Sunday. His words were not scripted. And his message? Here's ABC's Jeffrey Kofman. Reporter: For a pope who never stops surprising his followers, palm Sunday was no exception. Pope Francis ignored his prepared homily and in extraordinary departure from tradition, spoke entirely off the cuff. Reporter: On this day that commemmorates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, he called on people including himself to look into their hearts to see how they are living their lives. Reporter: But the 77-year-old pope, who is known for his sunny disposition, was noticeably tired today, pausing frequently to catch his breath. He has functioned with just one lung since he was a teenager in Argentina, when his other lung was removed because of infection. But doctors say that as long as he's healthy, that should not affect him. And there was certainly no sign that a little fatigue is dampening his passion. He delighted worshippers in St. Peter's square when he hopped off his popemobile to pose for selfies with young people in the crowd. Jeffrey Kofman, ABC news,

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{"id":23312964,"title":"An Off-the-Cuff Papal Blessing","duration":"1:12","description":"Pope surprises crowd with an unscripted speech this Palm Sunday.","url":"/WNT/video/off-cuff-papal-blessing-23312964","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}