Outrage swirls over video of violent police clashes

Two officers in Buffalo, New York, have been suspended after they were seen shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground as officers marched past.
3:54 | 06/05/20

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Transcript for Outrage swirls over video of violent police clashes
Good evening. And it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another trying week here in America, a week of pain, a week of tributes, but also a week when so many have said, perhaps -- perhaps we are at a turning point. Tonight, new and difficult images here. Protesters and police treatment, demanding justice after the death of George Floyd. This troubling moment overnight in Buffalo. Officers knocking over a 75-year-old demonstrator. Two officers now suspended and the fallout from that -- 57 officers resigning from that assignment. New cases coming to light in the weeks before George Floyd's death. In Sarah Sota, a man seen kneeling on a man's neck. He's on leave. In March, police investigating this Facebook video, a takedown now ruled a homicide. The man reportedly yelling there, I can't breathe as well, before he died. Protests across the country, this is rockville, Maryland. In Los Angeles tonight, the protests. They are planned for the weekend across the country in so many places. Tonight, the action taken by leaders in Minneapolis, banning the use of choke holds and neck restraints like the one that led to George Floyd's death. Alex Perez leading us off tonight from Minneapolis. Reporter: Tonight, growing outrage over this disturbing video showing two police officers in Buffalo, New York, last night shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground. The man laying motionless. He is bleeding. He's bleeding out of his ear! Reporter: Bleeding from his ear. Someone frantically calling for help. Get a medic. Reporter: A group of officers walking right past the man to grab another protester. The city at first saying the man tripped and fell, but after the video surfaced those two officers suspended. But tonight, the union says 57 members of the city's emergency response team have resigned in protest of those suspensions. As for that protester, martin Gugino, he's in serious but stable condition. Governor Cuomo speaking with him by phone. It disturbs your basic sense of decency and humanity. Why? Where was the threat? Who are we? How did we get to this place? Reporter: The governor pointing out police have been targeted, too. Like this officer struck in the head with a brick. Police say it's why this officer then pulled out his gun. Over 11 days of protests, hups hundreds of police officers injured. At least five shot during clashes with protesters. Still every day a test for officers. Aggressive tactics under the microscope. Police in L.A. Investigating this video -- showing officers allegedly firing rubber bullets at a group of teens out after curfew. Why am I getting detained? Reporter: And tonight, incidents before George Floyd's death now under investigation. You got your knee on my man's neck, man. Reporter: In Sarasota, this officer on leave after these images surfaced showing him kneeling on a man's neck in may. And in Tacoma, Washington, police responding to a call back this incident. Video shows the violent takedown of Manuel Ellis. His death now ruled a homicide. The 33-year-old yelling "I can't breathe." We want answers. The officers who committed this crime should be fired and prosecuted. Let's get to Alex Perez who has been in Minneapolis since the beginning. Alex, major changed passed by local leaders when it comes to the police force? The city council here approving the ban on choke Olds and neck restraints. It requires officers to report their colleagues or risk discipline as if they had committed the act themselves. Outside the white house,

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"Two officers in Buffalo, New York, have been suspended after they were seen shoving a 75-year-old protester to the ground as officers marched past. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71098338","title":"Outrage swirls over video of violent police clashes","url":"/WNT/video/outrage-swirls-video-violent-police-clashes-71098338"}