Paralympic Runner Oscar Pistorius Out on Bail

The family of the shooting victim speaks out about the heartbreak.
1:53 | 02/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Paralympic Runner Oscar Pistorius Out on Bail
Olympic runner oscar pistorius out of jail tonight and the family of the woman he's accused of murdering, speaking out about their heartbreak tonight. Abc's bazi kanani, in pretoria once again. Reporter: Oscar pistorius spent his first day out of jail at his uncle's three-storied home in a quiet well-to-do suburb with strict bail conditions. No guns, no alcohol. No passports to leave the country. scene, and twice a week appointments at a police station. Fans cheered outside a courtroom friday. When south africa's most famous athlete was released on bail. Afte his arrest in the shooting death of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. As he stays inside his uncle's home, away from the media spotlight today, the victim's family is beginni to share more of their feelings. Steenkamp's uncle expressed frustration with the celebrations after oscar pistorius' release. Questioning why everyone wants to jump up with joy. Just today before south africa aired its first interview with steenkamp's parents, a glimpse of the family's reeva's mother, june, revealing in an interview, with a local newspaper that the pistorius family sent flowers after reeva died. What does it all mean, she asked. Nothing. The olympian allegedly shofour times through the bathroom. After an argument. Pistorius said that he mistook her for an intruder. Steenkamp's father said today, if the way he said it happened is true, I will be able to forgive him one day. If it's not like that, he should suffer. He's the one with who will have to live with his conscience. Bazi kanani, abc news, pretoria, south africa.

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{"id":18577568,"title":"Paralympic Runner Oscar Pistorius Out on Bail","duration":"1:53","description":"The family of the shooting victim speaks out about the heartbreak.","url":"/WNT/video/paralympic-runner-oscar-pistorius-bail-18577568","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}