Theranos owner: 'We made so many mistakes' with test devices

Elizabeth Holmes has pleaded not guilty to allegations that she knew her company could not deliver accurate blood-test results.
2:45 | 01/24/19

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Transcript for Theranos owner: 'We made so many mistakes' with test devices
We turn next tonight to the ABC news investigation involving the young woman, the self-made billionaire and her company. She claimed to have developed a blood test that could save lives, but did she put lives at risk? Tonight, we have now obtained the deposition never seen before, and ABC's chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis reports. Reporter: She's the Stanford dropout who became the youngest female self-made billionaire and had legions of believers. Elizabeth Holmes boasted her company, theranos, could detect hundreds of diseases from just a drop or two of blood. We've made it possible to run comprehensive laboratory tests from a tiny sample. Reporter: That pitch convincing everyone from Rupert Murdoch, to the owner of the patriots, to American retirees to invest. Anything you want to say? Reporter: But Holmes is now facing criminal charges and up to 20 years in prison. She's pleaded not guilty. Prosecutors say she knew theranos couldn't deliver accurate and reliable results for all its blood tests, which experts say potentially put thousands of patients at risk. Okay, this is the Walgreens. Reporter: Sheri Ackert took a theranos test at her local Walgreens and mistakenly thought her breast cancer had returns. The nurse called me back and said, "I'm so sorry. That's not good. There could be a tumor growing somewhere." I will never forget that day. Reporter: A different test showed Sheri was healthy. Tonight, in this deposition obtained by ABC news, never before seen questioning of Holmes under oath. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the trust? I do. Reporter: Pressed about those hundreds of tests she said her company could perform to detect diseases -- How many tests could it run at that time in 2010? I don't know exactly what the number was. There was probably tens of tests. So when you say "Tens of tests," you mean something less than 100? Yes. Did it concern you that a number of tests weren't working on theranos' devices? I know that we made so many mistakes on this front, but we were trying to take this forward and at that time thought that -- thought that we were doing the right thing. And Rebecca has been reporting on this for some time for it. Are any of these tests out there on the market? Reporter: Well, David, theranos is out of business and the tests are off the market. And what do we know about her tonight? Reporter: Holmes is awaiting trial, but insiders want to start another company. All right, Rebecca Jarvis, thank you. We should point out that Rebecca will have much more on "Nightline," and her podcast called "The dropout." It's excellent. There's still much more

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{"duration":"2:45","description":"Elizabeth Holmes has pleaded not guilty to allegations that she knew her company could not deliver accurate blood-test results.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60581196","title":"Theranos owner: 'We made so many mistakes' with test devices","url":"/WNT/video/theranos-owner-made-mistakes-test-devices-60581196"}