Titanic wreckage discovered in 1985

A team of American and French researchers located the shipwreck on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.
4:30 | 08/28/15

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Transcript for Titanic wreckage discovered in 1985
On need easy this is world news tonight. Would need a generally good evening there is no more famous shipwreck in the world and the discovery of the Titanic in the Atlantic off the coast of Canada. Has been the dream of countless deep sea explorers. Well thanks to an American French team it is no longer a dream. In a moment we'll talk to a member of the task force which found the Titanic. We begin with her star crossed history. Here's ABC's public. 73 years ago and April of 1912 when the Titanic set out on its maiden voyage from England to America. It was the largest ship the F build 882. Feet long and its owners bragged unsinkable. It had a double bottom tall with fifteen water tight sections. But on April 12 that hit an iceberg in the dark and quickly disappeared. Until this week when a French American team pinpointed it on the ocean floor. The Titanic was found some 370 miles south of new found land two and a half miles down weather is no light no plant life and freezing temperatures. Sonar from a French research ship first located the wreckage. Then to confirm it was the Titanic an American navy ships sent down a new unmanned diving sled called the Argo. Outfitted with computerized cameras to a 500 meter long field of debris on the ocean floor. It immediately spotted the mechanics distinctive boiler. The American navy ship the USS nor is expected home early next week after it attempts a more complete photographic surveys I. As for movies and 28 books have since we created it for us. The massive iceberg tore a 300 foot long gash through three of the Titanic water tight section. In only two and a half hours it disappeared along with 15100. People only 700 live. Survivor Ruth Blanchard with a twelve year old watching from one of the lifeboats. OK it was a beautiful sight. Yeah. Through all on. The wolves they're fine. People were standing looking over the real you know. And muttering I suppose they were waiting for somebody take a ball to rescue them. It became instant legend. Some said there was a fortune in jewels on board along with high society names like after Guggenheim and Strauss. Whether it will ever be even possible to now raise the Titanic is not clear. But survivor Eva Hart who was seven traveling was both her parents would not favorite. I say because to me it's my father's grave. And I acted upon I don't ever want to see the ties again and it. See it raised. Whether or not it ever can be raised and lawyers are now trying to determine who owns the sunken ship and any valuables on board bill Blakemore ABC news New York. This afternoon I talked by ship to shore radio with the chief scientist on the Titanic expedition doctor Robert Ballard. Have you actually seen in the hull of the Titanic standing upright as it's been reported over. You after right up about a. What kind of condition does the Titanic look in over. It superb condition. Or would expect that given that back or partly. Potter has died call that powerful dark. Preservation of our. Do you have any plans to try raising the Titanic over. Oh I think have a favorite that Philip oh absolutely not impact our part to. I pay a little bit here that definitely. Are I don't think I could call. In the way it has. Is there any possibility you might try to raise the cargo. Over. How hard that only eight that it would be economically. Why. Have. Still want to do that could play at all I don't want to pick eight. As far as you're concerned the Titanic should remain. Where she went down over. They absolutely significant gains. I think that. Art. But here it leave it where it is it's it's. Calls about them locate. Where they are.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"A team of American and French researchers located the shipwreck on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33388575","title":"Titanic wreckage discovered in 1985","url":"/WNT/video/titanic-wreckage-discovered-33388575"}