White nationalists storm the University of Virginia campus

The so-called "alt-right" demonstrators were protesting plans to remove a statue of confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
2:30 | 08/12/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White nationalists storm the University of Virginia campus
has been on the streets on charlottesville simmering for 24 hours. It started with plan to unite the right rally. Tonight, images like this, a counterdemonstrator face to face with white nationalists. Ignited gas can in his hand. The confrontation began last night, those white nationalists carrying torches, March through a college campus, protesting the removal of a confederate statue. Here's ABC's Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: A major American college campus transformed into a battlefield. 10:00 Friday night, hundreds of white nationalists storming the university of Virginia, protesting plans to remove a statue of confederate general Robert E. Lee. Blood and soil! Reporter: Torches in hand, chants flooding the air. You will not replace us. Reporter: Images showing the March spiraling out of control. So-called alt-right demonstrators clashing with counterprotesters. Some swinging torches. Police dispersing the crowds, calling it an unlawful assembly. Several people injured and one person arrested, led away in handcuffs. Some in the crowd reportedly hit in the face with pepper spray. The overnight violence spilling into this morning when marchgoers and counterprotesters clash again, hours before the unite to right March was even set to begin. Just after 10:30 A.M., the crowd growing in size. New reports of injuries coming in. Local and state police in riot gear, responding in force. But the violence escalating. Fights erupting between marchgoers and counterprotesters. Just before noon, Virginia's governor declaring a state of emergency, saying, "I am disgusted by the hatred, bigotry, and violence these protesters have brought to our state." But the situation escalating. Now, chaos on the streets of charlottesville. Protesters beating one another with sticks and metal rods. Police, once again, using pepper spray, trying to push demonstrators back. Urging the crowd to disperse. Leave the immediate area or you will be arrested. They ripped my flag off, tried to grab it. Reporter: Just before 2:00 P.M., that situation taking that deadly turn. The mayor of charlottesville calling it racist and intolerant. The university of Virginia president calling it abhor rent. Our thanks to Stephanie for

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The so-called \"alt-right\" demonstrators were protesting plans to remove a statue of confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49182307","title":"White nationalists storm the University of Virginia campus","url":"/WNT/video/white-nationalists-storm-university-virginia-campus-49182307"}