What Would You Do: Teens plan to put peanuts in allergic friend’s milkshake

A teenager reminds his friends he’s severely allergic to peanuts. When he steps away, the friends crush the peanuts and plan to pour them into his milkshake as a prank. Will anyone step in?
7:34 | 08/31/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Teens plan to put peanuts in allergic friend’s milkshake
Wow. Look at this. Oh, dude, that looks awesome. I know. Do you guys want to try some? Yeah. No, no. Dude, I'm allergic to peanuts. You're still allergic? I thought that was a thing from when we were kids. I'm extremely allergic to peanuts actually. I'll be right back, I'm gonna go wash up. What do you think will happen if we put some peanuts in his milkshake? I think it would be pretty hysterical. Almost 6 million children under the age of 18 have food allergies, and about one-third of those kids report being bullied because of their allergy. It's a growing issue in schools so huge, fellow teachers and parents have adopted a movement You could help save a life. The fare's "It's not a joke" campaign, created to help people learn how to stop food allergy bullying. If I'm not at school, I can't get bullied. The idea is to prevent cases like this story out of the uk. A 13-year-old teen with a severe dairy allergy suffered a serious allergic reaction and later this happened after he was reportedly chased and touched with cheese by a classmate. Dude, we should do it. I'll crush some up right now. Yeah, we can put them right in here. Today in this restaurant, we've got some food allergy bullies of our own. If you witnessed these two teens planning to put something potentially deadly into their friend's food, "What would you do?" When his eyes swell up and his face blows up it'll be hilarious pictures, dude. Quick, quick. Before he gets back. All right. I'm putting peanuts on my ice cream. Today our hidden cameras are rolling at the park avenue diner. This is phenomenal. Dude, you gotta let me take a bite of that. Yeah. You gonna take a bite of that? Well, now that you put the peanuts on it, no. Why not? I'm allergic to peanuts. These first customers listen in as our bullies begin to question Sam. You're still allergic? Dude, just give it a try. Yeah, let me just outgrow a peanut allergy real quick. Give me a second, guys. They're really clued in. They're not even talking to each other. Why don't you just try it? I left my phone in the car, I'm going to go grab it. After he walks away -- I think we should take this, crush it. Our bullies start to reveal their plan. Pour it in the drink and he won't even know there's peanuts in it. They stay silent. Have Jordan be a little worried and say, "Do you think it would hurt him?" Do you think it would hurt him? No, it's not going to hurt him. Until -- Just put a little bit in his milkshake and it'll be -- You're not gonna do that. Here we go, here we go, here we go. No, don't do that. Why not? Like, are you stupid? What's wrong with you? I love these ladies, they're great. Get your little smartphone up and Google anaphylactic shock. Look it up. What's the worst that can happen? He'll die. He'll die. Should we tell the owners? The owners? Yeah, don't do it. Or call the police. It's manslaughter, it's attempted murder. Bring Sam in and say, "What's going on? Hey, dude. They're crushing peanuts to put in your drink. What? Dude, it's just a joke. It's just a joke. First rule of medicine. You don't breathe, you die. Right? First rule. Very simple. You close his airway, he can't breathe. He dies. Time to let them know he's safe with us. How are you. I'm John Quinones. They're all actors. Oh. Oh! You really were amazing. Why are you so outspoken? Well, number one, we didn't want to have to trach him. Yeah, we're both medical people. I'm a P.A., she's a nurse. When you say we would have to trach him, what does that mean? Oh, cut an airway. Literally cut his neck? Yeah. So you know how bad it can be? Yeah. You can't open the airway, they die. Throughout the day -- What's the worst that could happen? He could die. We meet more concerned customers. Do you guys want to go to prison if he dies? They lay out potential precautions. You would take benadryl if you're feeling itchy, you know your throat kind of -- And the spectrum of severity. If somebody is allergic to peanuts, and your hand is close to it, you could react. You want to crush it and put it in his drink? Smash them up. Dude, quick before he comes back. This woman immediately steps in. There she goes. Here she goes. Uh-oh. Please don't touch his things. What's the problem? It's just a joke. Here's the thing. I'm allergic to a lot of things. Wow, wow. Allergic to the point where I've had hives, I've had my nose close. I've literally passed out. I've had to go the hospital, I've had to stay there overnight, and it is not fun because you think that you're gonna die. And if you're going to have stupid friends like you two, it's really not cool. Bring the drink back towards them. When the boys refuse to lien -- Just a little bit. Here she goes again. She's back on her feet. She took the drink. All right, let's go in. How are you guys? Wow, this is so funny. I'm John Quinones. This is so embarrassing. No. You were awesome. And you took the drink away. I wouldn't want anything to happen so, you know, you gotta take it, you've got to do what you've got to do. Your message to those I mean, just because we are third grade teachers, for me, is don't ever forget that golden rule you learn in elementary school. Where, "Do unto others as would be done to you." When was the last time you tried a peanut? It's an issue that hits very close to home for this couple. You said you have allergies, right? Yeah, I have an allergy to peanuts. So does my grandson and he wound up in the hospital and he has the epipen now. Well, that's him. That's not you, dude. You'd be fine. I'll tell you what you're full of. I'll tell you right to your face. Allergies are not fake. I know people with just that much, they almost died. Oh, this man is great. When Sam walks away, we tell our bullies to continue. Come on, let's just take a little bit. Just a little. Exactly. Hey, what is so fun about dying and going into shock? This man is really serious. I really don't think he is going to die. You know what, I can call the police and have you arrested, because if that happens to him, it's on you, and that's murder. Okay, we ready? And you think that's a big joke? If he drops dead, it's fun? We're with "What would you do?" The TV show. They were pretending. But you were amazing. We wanted to see what people would say and you were very angry. I have grandchildren that have allergies and you don't know how bad it could be with the slightest amount. Do you have a picture of him? This is him? What's his name? Connor. Good looking kid. He's your grandson, right? You almost jumped out of your seat. Why get involved? It's somebody's life for crying out loud. To me that's not a bully, that's a criminal offense. Profound reactions. People coming to the rescue of our food allergy victim, sounding the alarm and possibly saving a life.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"A teenager reminds his friends he’s severely allergic to peanuts. When he steps away, the friends crush the peanuts and plan to pour them into his milkshake as a prank. Will anyone step in?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65303640","title":"What Would You Do: Teens plan to put peanuts in allergic friend’s milkshake","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/teens-plan-put-peanuts-allergic-friends-milkshake-65303640"}