FiveThirtyEight: The best Halloween candy

Walt Hickey tries to find the best candies and chocolates to get for trick-or-treaters on Halloween using data.
4:53 | 06/17/18

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight: The best Halloween candy
Trick or treat us a pre pubescent menace on society. If you don't give them candies they do things to your home how do you prevent this from happening while he give good candy what's the best candy have we got answers for you. It we here at 530 at least 86 different fund size candy treats to do it online matchup. We invited people were dismayed and got 250000. Responses. Which one comes out on top we'll get to that eventually but first. We're gonna bring in my 38 staffers offer matchups and see how it stacks up against the day. Are you ready liturgy else look at. Your choices a higher. Cat worst harbors. I. Really meaningless I'd write him. Little League and now we not look on how we got starters an effort to start with OIMI may not ever callers fortune favors the rate. I mean right. At some point I mean pinks are persons and partly in individual matchups every time eighth armor kit Kat. 174%. How old is fueled that your victory and eleventh. Note. It's a good obamacare insurance and your parents really get a not to look at this aside that's a little if he's instilled faculty there. Obama are you ready eighties and secretary. Have subpoena. Oh. I'll bet. Telling him okay installing a deadly allergy. It's you need to choose between me sees many tears and narrates. Yeah its yeah. They're actually in konduz in recent days did not yet they only one that 24 prison time it's easily. For the folks like you. That that's absolutely meant actress and well how old Israel that it. A man. High school yet at some point and tree and I with the and the new eyes. All right so we're gonna hit we get a good magically. Get Scott's vs wild Berry scandals which I'm. In his sampling. It's based. I always. Have been involved with the to share. On might Muster. There are common work. So wooden docks went up against while various scandals in arm straight. And it how many Angel riding a camel I think that Hanna now it allows mothers and those are extremely disappointing Harrell multnomah on let me just. We've got to get it. Oh my god. So delicious I love while parents I think America green. America agrees with you now 79% of the time that welders doubles and dust went head to head. Andres Beatles took the match was your favorite part about how. My favorite part of our hollow in. Would be. Toilet papering trees coming and still view out an adult you know I liked it and that is the way that I stay young in this place. Cynical grown up world media we have. Really in Austin matchup just the heavyweights of the fund's highest year. We've got to canyon and we want to know which one you as a victory would prefer. If it clicks or the Snickers some I look at as a taste let's see what bank. There. Absolutely and the. It. Discerning palate. On care. There. Our most people agree with you so get 15% of patent infringement. Here's. What's your favorite along. I and I. Good him when he is your favorite candy. At all 86 candy simulate that it was dead less it was number 86 it's like that is ridiculous I've learned nothing in this exercise regularly if some are coming. Following there have it three out of four I've mediators agreed with the wisdom of crabs what have we learned from art 250000. Different matchups well. We can pretty much build an ideal bucket of Halloween candy we're just gonna look at our top five and can now. So coming in at number five the got a Snickers font size Snickers predators out across the board and you've got your kid that's been trick since. And you've got here BC's meetings and then you at least peanut butter cups if you want to please the crowd chocolate gave me the answer wafers appear to be answered some cases and also benefited millions in us so. This is your top tier enjoy your holiday happy Halloween from factored in.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Walt Hickey tries to find the best candies and chocolates to get for trick-or-treaters on Halloween using data.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"55953940","title":"FiveThirtyEight: The best Halloween candy","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeight-best-halloween-candy-55953940"}