We used math to help LeBron cast 'Space Jam 2'

Using FiveThirtyEight's NBA player projection model, we help LeBron James cast the Monstars for "Space Jam 2."
6:56 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for We used math to help LeBron cast 'Space Jam 2'
He's been recruiting players to come this ideas based in with him this summer has been close to stay LeBron we heard you been having some trouble casting your new film. Now we don't have too much about this film but we do know that youth bugs Daffy and company will probably have to play gets a new team of antagonistic feelings. To the question is who will be those new month starts without a mind we're gonna give you a little bit of an assistant. Using math we're gonna help you cast they stand 2.0 it make quick recap. Back in the original film by aliens collectively called the near locks are ordered by their boss Danny DeVito came mr. slack. To kidnap the looney tunes and make an entertainment its lack stealing your galactic theme park. Allegiance challenge that nerve blocks to a game of basketball which leads in her likes to steal the towers a five NBA players these new basketball powers allowed the tiny yard left to become numb months stars. And 96 than their stole their parish from Patrick Ewing and Shawn Bradley Mary Johnson Charles Barkley and mug seed votes in the marchers wanted to run it back against crime. We thought we would give the filmmaker to hand with the cast. To clarify weren't casting just the five best players in game right now or even the five best actors. Look at you James Harden. We using our career arc regression models estimate here with the local optimization work is you might Olympic Carmelo projection systems. We can identify the current players were most similar to the months stars from 1995. To hear the movie was released using those they scam players' key stat. Easy enough for a first up and pound the our earnings leader than her life to stole Charles Barkley powers back in 1986 to become the fearsome are in months. During the 1984 and 95 season partly was averaging 23 points eleven rebounds and almost one block per game for the Phoenix on. Using Carmelo let's see whose powers pound should try to steal in the league now. Youngest at a Colombo as it could shout or maybe Kevin Love. But our Carmelo projections think a very good fit for pound is none other than DeMarcus Cousins which. Come check out. Bode is another super high usage all around it and who passes and rebounds well and excelled at getting to the line in addition to being. An outspoken character. Next we have banging the skinny greener life who drew powers from New York Knicks legend Patrick you SuSE Patrick Ewing of today. Carl Anthony Townes maybe. Dallas even comes close he's very versatile. Our Carmela projections though think that Anthony Davis could be the victim and in new film and that really shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Both Ewing and Davis are defensive beasts who blocked a tonnage shots and also grab a lot of rebounds. While maintaining very high usage rates on off. OK let's finish writing the big men in this lineup although I guess they're all pretty big on the monster and look for the current Shawn Bradley Center. Beckon 95 Bradley got a tower stolen by Blanco the tall lunar. Nowadays our projections think Blanco could maybe steal from. John Henson. Miles turner Rudy go Payer would be great choice but he's quite fit the bill. Actually our Carmelo model thinks magic thinner remote farm book will be the best. On how to loan we might have picked someone like bovine urged our chief. But in terms of performance baba and Bradley are both defensive minded sinners to grab a bunch of rebounds blocked a ton of shots and let's be honest seldom are asked to handle the ball. Our Newmont stars are more than halfway complete and now we just have to fill in the guard saw this let's start with not. The tiny red guard likely stolen power from the hornets five foot three months he boats. In 95 votes was averaging eight point seven assists per game which was fifth best in the league while scoring eleven point one points and grabbing one point three steals. On this modern era we're looking for a pass first point guard who isn't afraid to steal the ball. Rajon Rondo and maybe if this were a few years ago art. Jeff Teague Ricky Rubio. That's a pretty good pick but our projection actually thinks that raptors guard frisbee and fleet could be in the new film is the modern day mugs the despite standing nine inches taller. In addition to passing both were great it steals and solid overall point guards despite not being the most efficient shooters and okay last but not least we arrive at the purple near what they called but guess who stole Larry Johnson's powers back in 95. We did they really choose one sinner three power forwards and one point guard for this team no wonder they crossed that line it's so and even. But we're not here to judge let's see who is today's leery Johnson. Who I see Blake Griffin on the Carmelo list that's a pretty good and I also see Aaron Gordon Bradley Bradley deal are. OK let's put those aside the closest comp to OJ is actually Tobias Harris. And. That's kind of perfect actually look at these numbers of both players play the same small slash power forward hybrid position. With nearly identical rates at usage rebounding steals free throws and even true shooting percent to buy his hair is truly is the modern day Larry Johnson. According to Carmelo our new month stars if they really want to run it back against the tune squad with a similar line up to the one they had back in 95. He to find these players today. Bogey. AT and Obama. Banned the lead. And Tobias Harris. That's a pretty formidable lineup to go against teams a lot of size with big man who consume but Carmelo actually has one last surprise that sleep. While LeBron wasn't obvious pick at the star for space stand 2.0 he's actually not them similar player to Jordan circa the mid nineties. According to Carmelo the best actor in among currently active players. Is who why Leonard it's perfectly. Next they're casting of a budget cartoons co Y could really put his impeccable comedic timing to good use. Equip. And.

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{"duration":"6:56","description":"Using FiveThirtyEight's NBA player projection model, we help LeBron James cast the Monstars for \"Space Jam 2.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"62331331","title":"We used math to help LeBron cast 'Space Jam 2'","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/math-lebron-cast-space-jam-62331331"}