Alan Dershowitz on whether Trump can pardon himself

Dershowitz explains his take on whether the president can pardon himself on "The View."
7:59 | 07/10/18

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Transcript for Alan Dershowitz on whether Trump can pardon himself
We're back. Alan Dershowitz has made a career out of reprng some the most notorious, controversial figuinca frlaus Von Bulow to O.J. Mpson. He's keeping up the tradition. In his new b"the case agt impeaching" you know who, please welcome Alan Dershowitz. Last night the current resident announced H pick to replace justice Kennedy on the suprcourt. You're a democr. Did it concernu?di think --was your -- whare you thoughts?hank you faving me. Such a big fan of every single one of you. I'm thrilled to be ons sh. Thank you F coming. I've been waiting to get hard quons. You're an exper at hard es you're a great lawyer. I'm ready mix it up. We wor together before.he was a guest of mine on a CNN . Right. 'V things together too. Fe home. Gh on me. What do you think? I would have nominated E Kavanaugh. He wouldn't have been my choice. I'm a liberal Democrat. I can giveou a listf people. The Republicans I think they N. They stole the F mem of thereme court.absolute the unconstitutional. M a little critical of probama for wm I voted. He should have nominated mer risk Garland and put him in they have no right Noto decide the . The constitution said advise and consent, not a postpone. Why isn't M Mcconnell in ? I'm against puttingple I jail unless they've actual Ted crimes. Ino that's a radic position. Maybeouuld have sat by someon else. Ok, justice kavan on that liste the least words he is more tradial conservative. I think he bves in precedent. I think W apply the law. He was ati Kennedy law CL he gated Yale L school. Taughtt Harvard. Nothing wrohat. That's what I D I wo hear thequestion I want tr the answers. I'm notoing to go along with Liz Warren who says we're going to opposeeverybody. I hate the waytices get confirmed today. 'S now so political.I wish we went tohe es were confirmed 99-1. Many B conservatives. They may be gonenow. They may be gone. Why shouldn't Democrats play hard ? They should. Why should W always be the snowflakes? T about this professor dershowi, b2009 Brett Kavanaugh wrote aeview that said congress should write a prevent presidents to be prosecuted or questioned E in off considering that distinct possibility for this prent is that something that would disqualify him? He might have to recuse himself based ont he has previously written. Justice Kagan hadre herself from ses. He's going to serve f0 years. If he has to recuse himself for a few, that's not AIG deal. He also said pnt could bempeached for dastardly legal term. Unbecoming conduct is covered. Don't believe that. In terms of H crimes and misdnors. On't believe that. I know you don't. I argued it has to be an actual crime bribery, treason or high crime. Obstruction. Of obstruction. Xo Clinton were charged th real obstruct Unbecoming conduct islisted. Unbecomingconduct? Wouldt your life to be dgnbecoming conduct. It's listing. All those things you're listing, all of that, D you have to start a investigation to see a crime has been committed? Su Y must be able to do that. Absolute. Nobody is above the law, the president, nobody. Obs above the law. Senators can't be aested for what they on the floor of the sena On thefloor. Judges can't be on their way to. None of thesepl are above the law. That is the law. I don'li president can obstructti by merel exercising his authority T fire somebody. The the presidents impeached violated the actuallaw. They either lied uerath or told wine to lie. But there should be an investigation? There shoulbe. Congress can investigate for impet and the U.S. Attorneys offices off a over the country. They're wonder civil servants. Why do we need a special counsel? House grou they D nothing wunes in charge.that went nowhere. I argued F nptisan expert commission like 9/11 that could get us all T facts and say T the Russians never agai theynterfere with this elec. Say thaain reallyloud. They did interfere withs election. Going to interfereith the if we don't stop them. Mr. Dershowitz I was under the impression yere a T order. Oh god no. You wrote howou being os sized in Martha's vineyard B of your support for Mr. Ump. I'm confused. You should beconfused. Why are you being osri sized? If yeaying he' horrible and the Russ interfered -- he I was in college they tried to fired my teas W they thought were come. I defended O.J. Simpso I'm not complici I'm making T constitutional civilibties case.if Hillary Clinton had been elecd, I would be thrilled. I would have written theme book except it wouave said the case against impeaching Clinton. The people on Martha's vineyard wouloveme. Becauseaking a civil liberties neutral case they N't like me. Did T os tri size you from social circles? I've been os tried before. It makes yound differenceenour real friends. We have to take a break. Ye welcome at this damn table. That's the mostortant

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{"id":56488519,"title":"Alan Dershowitz on whether Trump can pardon himself","duration":"7:59","description":"Dershowitz explains his take on whether the president can pardon himself on \"The View.\"","url":"/theview/video/alan-dershowitz-trump-pardon-56488519","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}