Ben Platt discusses Broadway closure until 2021

The star of “The Politician” dishes on the show’s new season and shares his experience marching in local Black Lives Matter protests.
5:54 | 07/02/20

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Transcript for Ben Platt discusses Broadway closure until 2021
You have been quarantining. I mean, you normally are in new York, but you're quarantining at home with your folks, and you marched in a couple of the black lives matter protests. What was -- what was that experience like? And I know you were wearing a mask. So I'm not even going to bring it up, but I just did, right? So what was that experience like for you? You know, it was nerve-racking at first. Obviously we have all been inside and being safe and quarantining, and this was kind of the first reason that we really needed to feel compelled to show up and be in public, and I feel like you said, of course, I was wearing a mask, but the thing that I was very happily surprised by, and not even that surprised was that everybody in my view at any of the rallies that I went to were completely masked. I think it makes sense. We're of course going to take care of the people around them, and we're going to protect themselves and the people around them, and on the same token, I find it ironic and somewhat hypocritical that the people who are sort of trying to extend this harmful all lives matter narrative are the ones who aren't protecting people and aren't doing this. If you are going to skew the idea that all lives matter and not understand the need for black lives matter and not take care of people the easiest way you can by not wearing a mask, it's not a viable argument. The people of this movement are trying to make sure we all understand the difference between being passive and being neutral and being anti-racist. I still went and I felt very safe, and knock on wood, nobody that went with me or that I know of that went has become sick, and I don't want anyone to become sick. Ben, earlier this week, it was announced that Broadway unfortunately would be closed through the end of the year. What was your reaction to that news? You know, it's awful. It's a terrible by-product of all of this. It's something that I love dearly, and so many people love so dearly, and it's part of what makes this country and New York specifically so special. I think now more than ever, people are craving live performance and live experience, and, you know, the smallest I can offer is I have my radio city special on Netflix, and it's my whole concert special, and I wanted to really make it feel like you were there in the room with me, and hopefully that's a little bit of a nice escape, but there's no real replacement for that experience, and I think that a lot of people are being really put out by it. A lot of people don't have jobs and can't be employed on stage, and there's the crew and the designers and wardrobe. So I'm looking for as many ways as I can to raise funds and be supportive and help people get through to when we finally open up again. I'm sure the hunger for Broadway will be bigger than ever, and I'm raring to go back on stage too. Mr. Platt, your show "The politician" does political satire so well, and sunny and I both binged it over the weekend. You talked about cancel culture which was the name of an episode. And you talk about it with a twist. There are so many subtle moments in political history interwoven into the show, and I have absolutely loved the show. As has sunny. Thank you so much. Thank you. The third episode which I think is my favorite. We spent a lot of time working with one of my favorite costars. It's called cancel culture, and, you know, to the Nth degree know, there's cancel culture so much so that we didn't understand before covid hit. I really love the way the show takes a very biting look at it and kind of poses the question of, you know, we need to not only look at what the actions itself is, and the intentions behind it, and history, and obviously already actions that have malicious intent and are inexcusable, and need to be outed and do deserve to be punished, but, you know, in this silly example we use it as an example, clothes that haven't been washed. It's about Payton as a child, and the leader. Payton explains that, you know, he apologizes for using the symbol and he said all he wanted to do was really honor this person in history who we find out that Payton actually knows a ton about and really admires for being a freedom fighter and died for what he believes in. You know, I think it opens the conversation hopefully to show that we need to be educating and owning our mistakes and be willing to accept people's growth, and accepting that people can change, and not getting confused which is often the case. I think it discusses the gray area in a funny and entertaining way. Love it. You know, Ben, you should always come back because we love having you here, and we want to tell people that season two of "The politician" and "Ben Platt: Live from radio city music hall" are both streaming right now on Netflix, and you can binge watch just like the girls did. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"The star of “The Politician” dishes on the show’s new season and shares his experience marching in local Black Lives Matter protests.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"71580427","title":"Ben Platt discusses Broadway closure until 2021","url":"/theview/video/ben-platt-discusses-broadway-closure-2021-71580427"}