Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber on 'Hello, Dolly!' Broadway revival

Peters and Garber show off their pre-show ritual to the "View" co-hosts.
6:05 | 03/13/18

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Transcript for Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber on 'Hello, Dolly!' Broadway revival
Okay. I don't know what I am ready Kelly do you have do it. They say this is your sixteenth Broadway Show I'm exhausted yeah. Gil I don't look out I don't cookie I'm not really I didn't yes problem was. Where you you do you have any trepidation about it unless I mean. You know I bet apt to say just may have to gambling you know. I'm back I I read it looks a distrust materiel and murder only you know this show is still open hearted and giving might have to wants to marry. Hit the rich guy yeah and yet because I want to take his money given away to people that need it yeah if such a beautiful lovely. There's a liners shelled from the original source material. Thornton Wilder Monday putting the expression as like when knoller not worth the thing adolescent spread around encouraging young things to grow and that's the feeling. Instead he isn't saying you're a big Broadway star isn't really soon yes he seems at first for our former and I heard. That you were a little nervous about saying what's this I'm always nervous about Syria. Why. At that no line do I I do not think you know what is its erotic it's not we're talking about. I go to a go to Joseph later and she helps me find the voice in the fortunately these these songs really key that was fairly comfortable and you know and that I could just rely on projected to take care of the show and the fife city. There's another Joseph land in in the mountain sweetie darling cannot yet Michelle is planning to meet that I its amendments or. I took on that I sing that song because of human right he would isn't just don't Axelsson and my high and silent to things about that. That's kind of wonderful I loved Larry yeah. Your handout photo viewer and they did need TV version of Cinderella with. This on over air what he. Okay. Find casting did you realize that the tying that you were part of something so groundbreaking. Sort us yeah you know it's weird I I didn't until I was there. Because I was just so excited to be playing with the Whoopi. And that I've a live ordinary. Quote king and queen boat that's that's that's and then Brett had it didn't really strike me until and then I realized what it you know how innovative. Tonight it's always a struggle but it's getting a little bit net app. I but that what we will we will the first I think one of the First Act and then added that put but I you know on the need I was looking of that went because you said you work. Is it because you had you not singing and as often as you I don't I don't know well when I was young mice that's all it did Bryant Miller Tsotsi for a while the my came back to see me I think. I just sort through it was like my muscle ragged him after he got to keep it up you know tax it's a banana like some council yeah. To keep work well all of bulletins go back Susan sing later. Yeah I have cut back. Had a milestone birthday will not say that number I cannot appreciate that. No numbers wanted to but she is like the eternally young looking mom and you can't imagine. From the point. Numbers are empowering because when you hearing thinks he asks why now I know what did you do anything special for this month. Well yes it was fun it was perfect is all ahead I did all I had to do was choose chosen and went yeah but what I usually do what I've learned to do is to not. Celebrate. And public party I don't know I commend I don't locking. So then I can be 39. Are once some photo ID DC to pick out yes half but did have the big cake look at that back. Have a big cake that that day and I hope you you know Monaghan. I friends came one here and I. And I had a breast and I went I don't I don't think I'm like yeah not because it's like somebody got an a list this particular age weren't there other wasn't as. They can be what and I didn't get that here. An act trees you can answer any do you want legal appeal they act like it was look at I don't lying but I don't want if I wanna feel yeah you know how come on his children have an edgy and young. Engine until a speeding up bush he has energy. I got me public there yeah actually that fed lake effect do you have a pre show ritual that you're trying to get him in on guests can you tell me what I do pushups pleasantly beyond com. Yeah. Yeah. Hey good. Want to see sent look at his even threatening to do them. Since run no seriously. He didn't seem like you're doing I don't I don't. Okay. Good. Hammer throw every show and I feel Ed Reed yeah. Yeah. It's. I want to hit out. It necessary that it yeah that's not I'm I can tell you he not a big deal and no yeah. I can't wait to see the show. I would dogs ironically there and it's have been and so thank you for comment. Hello Dolly and give. Kinchen what. Take it names.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"Peters and Garber show off their pre-show ritual to the \"View\" co-hosts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53715629","title":"Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber on 'Hello, Dolly!' Broadway revival","url":"/theview/video/bernadette-peters-victor-garber-dolly-broadway-revival-53715629"}