Brad Paisley discusses goals of his free public grocery store

The country singer explains how he hopes to help people get back on their feet with The Store as well as his frozen meal company, Tiller & Hatch. Plus, he performs part of his new single “Off Road.”
7:29 | 03/04/21

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Transcript for Brad Paisley discusses goals of his free public grocery store
The great Brad Paisley is used the pandemic to help people in need. Keeping up the connection with his fans and to make new music with a message please welcome back one of our favorite people the amazing Brad Paisley. Sunny hi guys it's good to see they had I. It's so good to CU Brad thanks for coming back you know we haven't seen you in awhile. We when asked how how are you how how is your family holding up how is your wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Feeling about you. Being Holden a lot more. I know my husband and a lot more now. Yeah. That picture of her kissing me was long before this. That was not asked. That's that's not have complex where I don't know ordered to pay a mountain etched. And I think that at last April at the height of the pandemic he released a song called no I in the year. Which became so popular that inspired tick top challenge called. Your skit all. Where fans tried take Texan drink a beer while bouncing it on top of a basketball. We have some video you trying it out. Let's seat wary of. That's that was me there I took me if you took me a monster tries on this you got there. And out of the things people do during a pandemic are quite amazing aren't they just had passed the time we have a we have gotten created as a country. But. I can we. We have and sure we know that being connected to your fans Brad is so important to you. That and since the pandemic you've been doing birthday videos crashing video calls for people who text you. Are they always shocked it's you and how much is it me continue to be able to do this for your fans. It's been really something sort us unexpected as far as a blessing as I are really never expect I thought when this thing started it really hit me like a ton of bricks that there would be very little way. Here are very little way to sort of connect with these folks in the next thing you know your come zoom in here comes. All of these space time of the ways that we can jump. I wanted communication call each other and I starting utilizing that with a text that Ben people were texting me invites and the next thing you know I'm jump in and they're happy hours on Friday is an it was. I mean it was amazing to see nurses after their ship say hey you wanna wanna have a beer and the next thing you know I'm. Talking to folks this just got out the front lines and I don't know it's it's been the most rewarding part of this in some strange unexpected way. Look so great to have you here again Brad I really want to thank you. Because for my birthday you when your wife donated. Wait for 50000. Meals to food banks in New York City in my honor which was so charming and lovely. From a frozen your company tiller hatch. That was so generous I must say also owned the storm unquote that operates as ear around three grocery store. Allowing people to shop for their basic needs tell us more about that what you do which is so needed. Well that is that's another thing about this pandemic that's an unexpected. Sort of a blessing because waste we opened this thing exactly. A year ago next week. We had spent years setting up a model for this which is in collaboration with mild college Belmont university in Nashville. And it's meant to be a free grocery store it it gives people the dignity of choice they get to comment as opposed to a handout. They have a shopping experience their kids feel normal is called the store so they can say. Very simply they were born of the store and the kids in the shopping cart kind of feel like everything's fine difference being when they go through. And check out they don't pay for anything it's a it's it's literally a program to get people back on her feet. Oh we open last year you can imagine. Immediately we were hit with this crazy demand. Ands. We expected to do about 300000 meals. Last year and we ended up doing a million in January. So we weren't a year old yet. And I don't know how we did it let you you're rise to read on and a time like this I think. That's really incredible and and I just love everything about patent thank you for all the work you're doing I hope we see the store all across the country. And every Sunday thanks to an amazing but let's today and talk about your new music as single called off road. Which you say celebrates women quote not staying in their rain not usually we will not missions don't love that at can need to ever about it. Yeah you know. It's. It's the kind of thing where I was they and about this it's it's a roadblock never really stops. Stops a determined country girl or any woman in that sense of marriages go right off the road in. That is the thing ME you guys know they're the roadblocks have been set up herb centuries. So it's it's so inspiring when you when you. Do anything to say it's that old Ginger Rogers in heels backwards thing you it's it always takes a little more work it's not fair but it's really. Truly a song fest or celebrate you know. Number and we noticed all the guitars that are surrounding you and we were wondering if you. When mind picking one up and seeing us just a little bit of off road cut before. You sing we want to tell people branch new single is available right now. Brad Paisley taken away. Well and thank you guys who epitomizes what I'm tartan battered and. Here's C it is meets done or the Islam and hair live he used all. Hidden trafficked in Malibu. Tennessee and there reared do you. Did move adding that it failed. Gone ladies a brand new true. IA announced last from hero. Flags. Gravel dust daughters Katie. Who. I think you've gone and now all of the cool if you ball. Old. Where's he's well in pain playing. Laura. Allaying. NCA notice de hey and lying to see Lulu com all from. CNN ma'am no good days and see those whose tracks. Yeah machine. Anywhere and then have a ring. Hanging on. Dave lying. Changes. Palmer. Guru.

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"The country singer explains how he hopes to help people get back on their feet with The Store as well as his frozen meal company, Tiller & Hatch. Plus, he performs part of his new single “Off Road.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76255203","title":"Brad Paisley discusses goals of his free public grocery store","url":"/theview/video/brad-paisley-discusses-goals-free-public-grocery-store-76255203"}