How do Democrats and Republicans view unity?

After the Senate officially began the second impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, the co-hosts question how the GOP will move forward.
13:18 | 01/26/21

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Transcript for How do Democrats and Republicans view unity?
Yesterday, the senate officially started the second impeachment trial of you-know-who and it remains to be seen how Republicans will move on this going forward. Now, some are on board, others are starting to waver and still are totally against it. Which I don't understand. The question, who made that phone call to secretary of stateraffensperger, you made the call and what he made the call about. So how hopeful are any of you at seeing some unity or reconciliation in all of this? I'll start with you, sunny. You know, I've given this so much thought. I'm not hopeful with reconciliation, if you look at what we saw on January 6th, an insurrection at the capitol and when you still look at the behavior of senators like Rand Paul, senators like Ted Cruz, senators like Josh Hawley, they are continuing this big election lie that the election was stolen. That there was fraudulent voting that still continued even after hours, hours after the insurrection at our capitol. And I just wonder how can you reconcile with people like that? How do you reconcile in the house, for example, with someone like congressman Marjory Greene, who believes in qanon, that there are pedophile ring going on in the basement of pizza shops. How do you reconcile with people who are being unreasonable? Think about it, we have a raging pandemic that the Republican party was unwilling to really address, we have stimulus money that was not really given to the American people. Health care was a debacle, they wanted to repeal the affordable care act and replace it with absolutely nothing. You know, Muslim bans, bans against transgender brothers and sisters. Nothing was really done to help the American people in my view and so why bother reconciling, I think that the senate is under the control of the Democrats, the house is under control of the Democrats and the white house is under control of the Democrats. It's time the Democrats did something good for this country and get us on the right track. Right, where do you think leaves moderate Republicans, Sara. Moderate Republicans are dropping. Should be considering to everyone. When president Biden ran, he ran on cross, bipartisan conversations and across the aisle compromise. It was people with rob portman hoping to have conversations. You can't sit down with people who believe in qanon. You can't sit down with people who don't recognize there was an I insurrection. Jeff flake was here last week, he said he doesn't believe that even one of his colleagues actually believes there was widespread voter fraud. The knowing betrayal the people who are falling for that, the public, I know Meghan alluded to the other day the deprogramming that Katie couric talked about the other day, when people have been lied to on so much, people consuming that news through certain outlets and also believing these GOP leaders who are know ingly lying about the election fraud, there's nothing left to be had and I think the scary part is, the vacuum the portmans leave behind, this senator portman, the leading guy to possible run for his seat is Jim Jordan. I think right now it's hard, because right out of the Gates, Biden is getting some blowback from people saying he came on unity and we're not seeing unity. Unity is not synonymous with agreement, it's about having conversations, inviting you to the table, having reasonable fact-based, information-based discussions and I think as we lose the portmans, the moderate GOPs it's going to be harder for all of us hoping for those conversations. Well, it's funny, Meghan, do you think that those guys really see themselves as patriots when they're saying, really, you know, our system didn't work, we were cheated and everybody else is too stupid to recognize it. When you look at this, do you see yourself finding a place to be in this party or do you feel like it might be time really to find a different party? I'll die fighting for it. I mean, I'm a life long conservative I was born into this. Raised into it. It's my whole entire life. Truly at the bottom of my soul, I believe in the principles that I was raised on the point that sunny and Sara are making is more than valid. What's hard to reconcile with, the language that's being used, we can't even talk to all of you, if you voted to trump I think what ever nuance Katie couric didn't go through. That angered me. Because the implication is, all people who are trump supporters, who are conservatives are automatically brought into the Marjorie Tai Lon greenes, the mats gaetz/liz Cheney infighting. It's not -- if we want to go back a few months, Cheney gave money to an a primary opponent, highly unorthodox, taking sides in this. She's in a place in leadership in congress. If she wants to continue to lead she shouldn't have taken sides. Now, you have this fracture with impeachment and you have people like Matt Gaetz, I don't know him, he's clearly going on the horse of full Maga and I was talking to my producer this morning, who's also, you know, we share similar politics, it's very difficult for me to come on this show right now because I've always prided myself of having my finger on the tenor what's going on in the party. I'm not that kind of Republican or conservative. Right now, I can't defend this. I believe Donald Trump should be impeached. Have a fine line what's acceptable for a president or not. He incited riot. People died. Full stop. Part of the problem is, you got a bunch of old people right now, people in their 70s and 80s who don't care about the future of the Republican party. The trump rallies are filled with predominantly white people, that's just the facts. I think we have to start looking about what's going to happen going forward in the future. As much as trump expanded the coalition, we lost the senate, we lost the house, we lost the white house. I think people who think that the whole coalition of trump supporters are irredeemable and garbage have no place in the party I think they're wrong as well. I hope for healing and unity, whether it's going to happen I don't know. I want to say, this is a little bit of a rant, I'm doing my best to try to take the conservativism and populism and bring it on the show, I can't defend people who are against impeachment. I believe it's the right thing to do, historically it's the right thing to do and I know that I'm in the vast minority in this. Well, what do you think about this, joy, I think to myself how is it possible that anyone can still say that you know who won this election, that what he did in terms of calling, you know, Brad raffensperger wasn't seditious, he wasn't trying to destroy the democracy that I grew up with, that, you know, I believe Meghan is talking about, sunny is talking about, we're all talking about those bottom-line things that we grew up with, there are some things that the republic does not favor and what these folks are doing, the republic doesn't favor, at least from my lifetime -- I mean, are you seeing it the same way? Well, look at this tape that, I think, I have to cite where it's from at some point. Watch this tape for just a second. We're going to walk down, anyone you want, right here, we're going to walk down to the capitol. We're going to walk down to the capitol. Invade the capitol building. Let's take the capitol. Take the capitol. Okay, so that's from something called just security, they made a compilation from Parler videos. Anybody in the senate could look at that, could look at the facts, and not say that he's guilty I don't really understand what country I'm living in and you know what, these people who are not going to vote for a conviction will be remembered. We'll remember them. Because if they let him go without any kind of accountability, trump, this will happen again. It will happen again. We'll remember those names of that senators and the house people who decided not to convict this guy, because the blood is on their hands then. So interesting, yesterday I was watching them deliver the impeachment papers, they were delivering the papers to the scene of the crime, to the scene of the crime, and those people receiving those papers, these people they were all at risk that day and they know it, even those who are going to vote to acquit this guy. They were at risk. As far as Matt Gaetz and Liz Cheney is concerned, the daughter of Dick Cheney, she'll eat him for breakfast. Matt, you better watch yourself. What I find extraordinary, every one of these people that were sitting in there, who were in the capitol that day, are witnesses. So, I want to hear how many of them say they weren't afraid of what was coming, that they were standing straight up, standing out, they weren't hiding like anyone else, they knew these people were coming to do them harm and the idea that you've been in there, you were in there when this is happening, you're saying that, you know, that wasn't he meant. It's exactly what he meant to do. You have to make a decision. Marco Rubio, you have to make a decision, are you for the country or against the country? For the country means, listen, nobody gets to come and say we're taking over, we're going to hang people -- you don't get to do that on the steps on the capitol, if that's wrong to you, then you have to say, listen, this is what the guy did, if you think that's right, if you think that's okay, then maybe you're not all American, maybe the guy we have to be concerned about, maybe these are the people who we should be concerned about, where they stand as Americans, I hear it all the time, you're not American enough, but I have never thought that people should go and wreck the capitol and hang people. That's what you all are saying is okay.

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{"duration":"13:18","description":"After the Senate officially began the second impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump, the co-hosts question how the GOP will move forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"75495130","title":"How do Democrats and Republicans view unity?","url":"/theview/video/democrats-republicans-view-unity-75495130"}